Meet the 29th Annual Emerald Awards Shortlist!

Congratulations to the deserving 29th Annual Emerald Awards Shortlist! A huge thank you to all those who applied and shared their inspiring environmental work with us, as well as our judging panel who dedicated their time and expertise to the cause. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the 29th Annual Emerald Awards Shortlist Announcement video, presented by Alberta Recycling Management Authority.

We’re also incredibly grateful for our sponsors and donors. Thanks to their support, each 2020 Emerald recipient will receive a $1000 grant from the AEF to further their work or donate to an environmental charity of their choice. Syncrude Canada Ltd. is matching this, bringing the total to $2000! In addition, thanks to ABCRC, the recipient in the Education category will receive a $5000 grant. We’re elated to share these stories and empower these commendable organizations at the 29th Annual Emerald Awards on June 2 and beyond!

Without further ado, we present the 29th Annual Emerald Awards Shortlist:

Agroforestry and Woodlot Extension Society

Agroforestry & Woodlot Extension Society

The Agroforestry & Woodlot Extension Society‘s projects have enhanced local biodiversity, the habitat for wildlife, watershed protection and the level of carbon capture in Alberta.

Through ENVIRx, pharmacies help promote public safety and ensure that medications are disposed of properly to prevent them from ending up in our landfills and water systems.

Rural Routes to Climate Solutions is a central Alberta based project providing agricultural producers with learning opportunities to benefit from climate solutions

Since 2009, the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre has been helping Albertan municipalities, schools, nonprofits, and community-related organizations reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Since 2000, the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance has provided regional leadership and technical expertise to study and report on the health of the North Saskatchewan River Watershed.

EcoVision at Lacombe Composite High School grows leaders through student-led projects with the aim to enhance the environment, community, and education.

Within the W.I.L.D. program at École Manachaban, there are six distinct outdoor field excursions that show exceptional leadership and creativity in educating students of all ages about environmental matters.

Cochrane High School’s Sustainable Development Committee pursues projects that will promote the well-being of our future generations.

The City of Edmonton’s Urban Forestry team has developed a comprehensive approach to preserve and protect trees from the impacts of construction activities.

The City of St. Albert has reduced their carbon footprint by implementing EV buses, as well as installing solar panels on their transit buildings.

Energy Efficiency Alberta raises awareness about energy use and designs & delivers programs supporting energy efficiency and conservation.

Edmonton Convention Centre

Edmonton Convention Centre

Built into the banks of the North Saskatchewan River Valley, the Edmonton Convention Centre connects the land through a commitment to sustainable business practices.

Starting in 1977, Pres Winter has placed 200 nest boxes along Viking’s roadsides, where it was difficult to find blue birds. He expanded his trail to over 275 miles and 1200 boxes.

The City of Calgary’s Eco-Leaders Program is a youth environmental leadership initiative that delivers environmental and climate-literacy and fosters environmental and climate leadership in Calgary’s youth.

Inside Education has developed and delivered environmental leadership summits geared towards high school students since 2011.

Let’s Find Out Podcast uncovered stories about assisted migration, the origins of local apricot trees, the disappearance of bears in Edmonton, and how local farms are adapting to climate change.

The Water Program at fRI Research developed a tool – NetMap – to make the complicated task of managing Alberta’s watersheds in a very busy landscape easier.

ReThink Red Deer’s Piper Creek Restoration Agriculture Project is a publicly accessible site demonstrating riparian restoration and urban agriculture on the edge of Red Deer.

Dale Hodges Park uses stormwater treatment in a unique and beautiful way to maintain the restoration of the land’s ecological integrity.

priMED Mosaic Centre

The priMED Mosaic Centre, one of EcoAmmo’s most prominent projects

EcoAmmo “transitions the world towards sustainability” through their work on sustainable construction projects, carbon monitoring, environmental policy writing, and education.

Eco-Growth Environmental Inc.’s Waste to Energy Project turns raw waste into high-quality biomass, resulting in a product used in industrial processes and reducing the carbon footprint of the ConocoPhillips Surmount Plant.

Since 2016, Full Circle Plastics has been the made-in-Alberta solution for the diversion of single-use plastics from the agricultural, municipal, industrial, and residential sectors.