20 Years of Watershed Management Excellence

By: North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance

Since 2000, the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA) has provided regional leadership and technical expertise to study and report on the health of the North Saskatchewan River Watershed (NSRW). NSWA grew from a few dedicated organizations to over 750 active members including an 18-member Board over eight sectors and three Subwatershed Alliances representing 28 partnering municipalities.

Collaborative partnerships are core to NSWA’s success. Our strong relationships with government agencies, municipalities, Indigenous groups, industry, non-governmental organizations and watershed stewardship groups allows us to align our work with local watershed issues. Local subwatershed groups have engaged municipalities to make significant positive land use planning and policy changes across the watershed. Education and outreach activities continue to provide important information and knowledge on watershed issues, studies and resources.

Tangible results include:

  • Leading watershed planning in Alberta by completing the first State of the Watershed and Watershed Management Plans in the province.
  • Receiving over $3,300,000 in federal and provincial project specific grants to fund scientific studies and on-the-ground restoration projects across the watershed.
  • Engaging numerous watershed stakeholders through a multi-sector board, municipal-led subwatershed groups and local watershed stewardship groups.
  • Collaborative partnerships that provide over 2800 hours and $500,000 of in-kind contributions each year.