Educational and Inspiring: Explore the Emerald Documentary Series | Alberta Emerald Awards for Environmental Excellence

Discover the remarkable stories of environmental leaders across Alberta through the Emerald Documentary Series. Meet the Emerald Award recipients, learn about their impactful work, and be inspired to take action. Explore the series for a unique insight into environmental achievements in Alberta.

Every year at the Emerald Awards, we have the privilege of meeting inspiring individuals from across Alberta who are making a significant impact on our environment. Our Emerald Documentary Series aims to share the stories of these remarkable Emerald Award recipients through short documentaries. Delve into the narratives behind their environmental work, understand why it’s crucial, and explore the positive influence it has on our lives.

By watching these documentaries, we hope you’ll uncover environmental success stories that you never knew existed in our province. Our goal is to inspire you to take action in your own life, contributing to the positive change we all wish to see. Join us on this journey of discovery and environmental awareness in Alberta

Season five

Dive into the inspiring narratives of the environmental leaders recognized at the 32nd Annual Emerald Awards. Discover the impactful stories behind these recipients, their vital work and its significance.

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Season Four

Learn more about the 31st Annual Emerald Award recipients, including their environmental work, why it’s so important and how it impacts our lives.

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Discover the environmental achievements of the 28th Annual Emerald Award recipients.

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Learn more about how the 29th Annual Emerald Award recipients are helping to take action of climate change.

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SEASON three

Uncover the environmental good-news stories of the 30th Annual Emerald Award recipients.

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