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We are a registered nonprofit charity (BN 133800771RR0001). We achieve our mission through the generous support of our sponsors and donors who are dedicated to creating a bright future for our province and planet.

We provide sponsorship, donation, and volunteer opportunities.

Your support strengthens our ability to showcase, inspire, and empower Alberta’s environmental achievements. By working together, our province and planet will benefit from a healthy environment and sustainable future.

Through our actions of showcasing, inspiring, and empowering environmental leadership and awareness, we support our community to meet the challenges ahead, and contribute to a more sustainable future for all. 

By showcasing our province’s leaders who raise the bar in addressing local, regional, and global environmental & climate issues, a standard of excellence is set that inspires and empowers others in their own practices.

The Alberta Emerald Foundation serves as:

  • A catalyst for change.
  • An organization committed to raising youth awareness and enabling their participation in environmental stewardship.
  • A collaborator with diverse groups to offer select and specialized programs.
  • A connector of diverse groups, including youth, nonprofits, schools, business leaders, public servants, and others.
  • An advocate for Alberta’s environmental success stories.

Your generous support allows the Alberta Emerald Foundation to

  • Celebrate outstanding environmental initiatives and achievements of individuals, organizations and corporations through our premier event, the Emerald Awards, at no cost to participants.
  • Undertake new programs and projects, like Sharing Stories, Emerald Youth Grants, and Tell Your Story, focused on raising awareness of, and participation in environmental stewardship.