Emerald Documentary Series Season 5: Explore Environmental Excellence with the 32nd Annual Emerald Award Recipients

Dive into the inspiring narratives of environmental leaders recognized at the 32nd Annual Emerald Awards. Season 5 of the Emerald Documentary Series unveils the impactful stories behind these recipients, their vital work, and their significance. Join us on a journey of discovery, sustainability, and positive change in Alberta.

Brad Peters from the Alberta Lake Management Society demonstrates water sampling while filming their emerald documentary video

Welcome to Season 5 of the Emerald Documentary Series, featuring the distinguished recipients of the 32nd Annual Emerald Awards. Each documentary short, meticulously crafted, unveils the extraordinary stories behind these environmental champions. Discover the passion, innovation, and dedication that earned them recognition at the prestigious Emerald Awards ceremony.

Breaking Ground: Blindman Brewing’s First-in-Canada Carbon Capture Solution

Dive into the world of sustainable brewing with Blindman Brewing, a craft brewery based in Lacombe, Alberta. For eight years, Blindman has been crafting exceptional beers, but now they’re taking it a step further with their first-in-Canada Carbon Capture Project. Discover how they collect, clean, compress, and reuse CO2 produced during yeast fermentation to carbonate their beer. It’s not just about bubbles; it’s about sustainability, cost savings, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions!

Revolutionizing Housing: Eco-Friendly Homes from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Ecoplast Solutions is changing the future of housing construction through its innovative green building technology that utilizes custom panels made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles. From custom housing to affordable housing projects, witness the transformation of plastic waste into eco-friendly homes across Western Canada. Learn about the reduced build times, structural integrity, and energy efficiency that make recycled plastic a perfect fit for sustainable construction.

Harvesting Hope and Building Community for a Brighter Future

Highfield Regenerative Farm is revolutionizing urban agriculture by transitioning a once-overgrown brownfield into a vibrant farm through regenerative practices. Discover the holistic approach that aligns with the ecosystem, yielding not just food but a deeper connection to the environment. Every crop grown is a donation to Food Access in Calgary, reflecting the farm’s commitment to community and sustainable practices.

Inspiring Environmental Leadership in Rural Alberta

Explore the innovative initiatives of New Myrnam School, where kindergarten to grade 12 students are taking the lead in environmental projects. From their net-zero tiny home project and renewable energy vehicle to engaging students in brainstorming solutions for their community, this school is proving that education can be a catalyst for change. Witness the transformative journey of a small school with a big vision for a sustainable future.

Transforming Waste: How [Re] Waste Diverts over 200,000 Pounds of Plastic from Landfills Every Year

[Re] Waste serves as a catalyst for businesses, empowering them to divert plastic from landfills and transform it into eco-friendly products. As a trailblazer in Alberta’s circular economy, [Re] Waste collaborates with visionary partners like Value Buds, where discarded cannabis packaging takes on a new life as rolling trays and plastic dupe tubes. Since its inception in 2020, [Re] Waste has made an extraordinary impact, diverting a staggering 590,000 pounds of plastic from landfills.

Guardians of the Caribou: Preserving Nature with AWN’s Caribou Patrol Program

Dive into the heart of Caribou country with The Aseniwuche Winewak Nation’s (AWN) Caribou Patrol Program. Caribou are an integral part of the health of the boreal forest and the AWN’s culture. Learn about the challenges posed by Highway 40, which intersects with Caribou’s migration route, and how the Caribou Patrol Program is helping to conserve this fragile population. For AWN, this work goes beyond conservation; it’s soul work, a profound dedication to speak for the voiceless and protect every facet of their beloved land.

Creating a Sustainable Future with Regenerative Architecture

Reimagine Architects, formerly known as Manasc Isaac Architects, is redefining the landscape of sustainable design. For over 26 years, they’ve been pioneers in regenerative architecture, creating spaces that contribute more to the world than they consume. From the 1st LEED® certified project in Alberta to envisioning a net-zero energy future, discover how Reimagine Architects continues to lead the way in crafting healthy, beautiful spaces that tread lightly on the earth.


Merging Science and the Arts: Evergreen Theatre’s Creative Approach to Environmental Education

Evergreen Theatre Society is where science, environmental education, and the arts converge. Explore how drama becomes a powerful lens for interpreting and embodying the natural world, unravelling environmental challenges, and presenting innovative solutions. Discover why the fusion of science and drama creates a compelling entry point for learning about conservation, making it a fun and creative experience for students and families alike.

Rewilding Canada, One Forest at a Time | Project Forest’s Impact on Climate Action in Alberta

Discover the inspiring work of Project Forest, a nonprofit dedicated to rewilding Canada and addressing climate challenges through creating species-rich forests. Dive into their unique approach of transforming non-productive land into vibrant, carbon-sequestering ecosystems by collaborating with conservation groups and Indigenous communities. Uncover the importance of traditional land interaction, knowledge transfer, and the positive impact of rewilded spaces.

Empowering Today’s Youth: GreenLearning’s Impact on Climate Change Leadership

GreenLearning, a national registered charity, empowers today’s youth as leaders in the fight against climate change. Explore how their programs, covering energy, climate change, and the green economy, actively engage students in creating positive change within their communities. Discover the impactful approach of instilling hope through action, as GreenLearning works hand in hand with the youth, fostering a sense of collaboration and commitment to a sustainable future.

Guardians of Our Lakes: Inside Alberta’s LakeKeepers Citizen Science Program

Dive into the depths of Alberta’s water ecosystems with LakeKeepers, a citizen science program revolutionizing the environmental monitoring of our cherished lakes. Through both summer and winter, Albertans become stewards of our lakes, armed with the tools to gather crucial data on water quality, nutrients, industrial contamination, and aquatic invasive species. The valuable insights collected by LakeKeepers are shared on an open-source portal, offering a lasting window into our lakes’ health for future generations.

Empowering Communities: Bow Valley’s Journey to Green Energy Future

The Bow Valley Green Energy Cooperative is a leader in community-driven renewable energy solutions in Alberta. This grassroots, volunteer-run organization invites anyone passionate about the energy transition to become involved. Through personal investments, they install solar systems, creating a cycle of local benefits. Uncover their philosophy of inclusivity and find out how you can contribute to the green revolution.

The City of Calgary’s Green Solution: Turning biosolids into a force for good

Dive into The City of Calgary’s Emerald Award-winning environmental initiative as they transform biosolids, a byproduct of wastewater treatment, into a powerful force for sustainability. Learn how the city creatively enriches marginal land with biosolids, producing wood and capturing carbon through strategically planted willows.

Safeguarding The Nose Creek Watershed: Partnership in Action | Nose Creek Watershed Partnership

Step into the vital work of The Nose Creek Watershed Partnership, a collaborative effort by four municipalities, the Calgary Airport Authority, and the Beaufort Basin Council. Discover their unwavering commitment to safeguarding the Nose Creek Watershed, focusing on riparian area protection and innovative stormwater management. Explore the challenges posed by urbanization and the partnership’s policies to enhance stormwater practices. Uncover their impact on water quality, climate resiliency, and biodiversity.

Harvesting Rain, Saving the Planet: The Inspiring Journey of Dirk & Nanja Struck of the Barrelman

Dirk and Nanja Struck are the pioneers behind The Barrelman Inc. and recipients of the 33rd Annual Emerald Award Lifetime Achievement Award.

For over 25 years, this passionate couple has been transforming food-grade barrels into high-quality rain barrels, revolutionizing how we capture and use rainwater in the unpredictable prairie climate. Discover how their small family business has diverted over 28,000 barrels from landfills, saving 780,000 kg of plastics. Explore the incredible impact of their recycled rain barrels on water conservation, stormwater management, and the overall well-being of our planet. It’s more than just rainwater; it’s a story of sustainability and a win-win-win for us all.