By: Lacombe Composite High School

EcoVision has developed many activities over the last 12 years, including:

  • 6.0kW solar project including a portable solar module.
  • Geodesic energy-efficient tropical greenhouse with 4 renewable energy systems.
  • Commercial aquaponics system raising tilapia fish for consumption.
  • 2 acre garden with 125 fruit trees, 50 raised vegetable beds and potato, squash, garlic patches.
  • Outdoor classroom with 10 picnic tables, bat houses, bird houses.
  • Beekeeping Program with a bee apiary containing 8 hives, a 16 credit Green Certificate Beekeeper Technician program and urban beekeeping certification.
  • Indoor gardening with EarthBoxes, Urban Cultivator for growing herbs, indoor aquaponics system, and tower garden.
  • Composting systems that compost 25 kg of waste every month.
  • A pollinator program with solitary bee hotels and 6 pollinator gardens
  • Entrepreneurial micro business opportunities for students by selling our honey, beeswax wraps, fish, Jun Tea and produce weekly at the farmers market, to multiple businesses and restaurants, at conferences and school activities .
  • Increase awareness through speaking at conferences including Inside Education’s Navigate/Generate/Cultivate, Wolf Creek Wellness, Healthy Active School Symposium, ACEE Environmental Education, Ever Active, ARES and ASCA.
  • Educating individuals through workshops on beekeeping, composting, jun tea, aquaponics, and gardening
  • Develop student leadership with increased voices through AYLEEE
  •  In 2020 we plan to complete “Roofs 4 Kids”, a goat sanctuary with a living roof powered by solar.

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