Full Circle Plastics

By: Full Circle Plastics Ltd.

Full Circle Plastics is a made-in-Alberta solution for the diversion of single-use plastics from the agricultural, municipal, industrial and residential sectors since 2016. They are proud to be instrumental in addressing some important waste needs by recycling end-of-life plastics products including paint pails, residential recycling and oil containers. They work with a local company and municipalities who collect this material from across the province. They sort and grind this material and deliver it to our facility. This feed-stock is put through our manufacturing process and turned into plastic lumber, parking curbs, barrier posts and fence posts which is then sold to various customers including the residential, commercial and municipal sectors throughout Canada and the United States.

They currently have our products available to the retail customers in over 40 locations across western Canada and will be expanding into an additional 60+ locations through the next 12 months. They have industrial customers throughout Canada, the USA, and multiple countries in South America that purchase industry specific products from us. We are currently working with transportation departments in both Canada and the United states to build a higher value product for highway fencing in problem areas.