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Natural Asset Mapping: A strong tool for effective local and regional conservation planning, protection and stewardship

City of Edmonton

unnamedWith the release of the Government of Alberta’s Primary Land and Vegetation Inventory (PLVI) in 2010, over 75% of rural Alberta was described by this and other provincial land-cover inventories. While the project mapped rural parts of the province, densely populated urban areas were simply classified as combinations of residential or industrial development and neglected to recognize municipal natural assets such as stormwater ponds and urban agriculture which provide ...

Change Homes for Climate: Edmonton’s EnerGuide Residential Labeling Program

City of Edmonton

Team Photo WinnerEdmonton’s residential labeling program helps Edmontonians understand the energy performance of a home and obtain expert advice on how to make it more energy efficient and comfortable. But Edmonton’s program goes beyond the individual home, as the labeling system allows for comparisons between homes so the market can make informed decisions.

The program consists of a home evaluation that includes recommendations on upgrades/renovations (for existing homes) and ...

Riel Park Redevelopment Project

City of St. Albert

Riel Park October 2013 2 copyA 10-year project to reclaim and revitalize marginal municipal land—the largest project of its kind in St. Albert’s history—has become an opportunity to enhance a former landfill with sports and recreational facilities, protect the Sturgeon River and to put the City’s natural environment pillar of sustainability into action.

Riel Park went from a sewage lagoon cell in the 1950s, to a dry landfill (1970s) to development of ...

Working Well

Alberta Environment & Parks

Environment and Parks Working Well, Spruce GroveFor 10 years, Working Well has been educating some of the estimated 100,000 Alberta households that rely on water wells for drinking water about well design and construction, operation, protection and maintenance. From farmers and ranchers to acreage and recreational property owners, Working Well’s efforts insure that rural Albertans who rely on groundwater have a safe and secure supply.

Through a series of hands-on workshops, technical experts ...

E2 Street Lighting Program

City of Calgary


We all know about the savings that come from switching out home light bulbs in hanging fixtures and lamps to LED, so imagine what can be saved when an entire city retrofits street lights with LED luminaires? That’s just what Calgary has done with a four-year, $32 million project, laying claim to the largest LED retrofit in Canadian municipal history (and even finishing the project 1.5 years ...

Root For Trees

City of Edmonton

Root for Trees, an enhanced tree planting program, works to preserve and expand Edmonton’s urban forest through partnerships with corporations, community groups, and individual residents. Edmontonians are invited to participate in tree-planting events where they are provided with all the materials required for an exciting and educational day in nature. Volunteer groups involved in planting events create and enhance the vegetation cover throughout parks, along roadways, and in ...

Muttart Conservatory Rain Water Harvesting for Irrigation and Plant Health

City of Edmonton

The Rainwater Harvesting Project endeavors to raise awareness and build credibility relating to plant irrigation. Showcased at the Muttart Conservatory, harvested rainwater is stored in cisterns under ebb and flow tables for the purpose of indoor irrigation to greenhouses and public gardens. The outcomes support the City of Edmonton’s strategy to reduce potable water demand and runoff from buildings and hard surfaces. In 2016, Muttart Conservatory cisterns received ...

Implementation of the Bow River Phosphorus Management Plan

Alberta Environment and Parks

The Bow River Phosphorus Management Plan (PMP) is a pilot initiative, bringing together a multi-disciplinary group of stakeholders to address point and non-point phosphorus loadings in the Bow River reach between the Bearspaw and Bassano Dams. This initiative uses a ‘shared responsibility’ approach whereby all contributors are involved in identifying and implementing a strategy to manage the cumulative impacts of existing and new activities. The shared solutions are ...

High Performance Green Building Program

University of Calgary

For more than a decade, the University of Calgary has demonstrated best practices in green building construction in 11 major buildings – occupying more than 1.7 million square feet – across the university campuses. The university has earned LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for seven projects, and four completed projects are currently pursuing certification. These 11 buildings represent one of the largest concentrations of green buildings on ...

Reuse Centre

City of Edmonton, Utility Services Branch

In 2007, the City of Edmonton opened its Reuse Centre, a drop-off facility for household materials, based on the growing popularity of volunteer-based community Reuse Fairs. The Centre accepts many items not accepted elsewhere, which are made available for purchase by organizations and individuals for a nominal fee. The Centre has grown in popularity, and moved to a larger location in 2014 to accommodate the increase in customers and donations.  ...