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Implementation of the Bow River Phosphorus Management Plan

Alberta Environment and Parks

The Bow River Phosphorus Management Plan (PMP) is a pilot initiative, bringing together a multi-disciplinary group of stakeholders to address point and non-point phosphorus loadings in the Bow River reach between the Bearspaw and Bassano Dams. This initiative uses a ‘shared responsibility’ approach whereby all contributors are involved in identifying and implementing a strategy to manage the cumulative impacts of existing and new activities. The shared solutions are ...

High Performance Green Building Program

University of Calgary

For more than a decade, the University of Calgary has demonstrated best practices in green building construction in 11 major buildings – occupying more than 1.7 million square feet – across the university campuses. The university has earned LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for seven projects, and four completed projects are currently pursuing certification. These 11 buildings represent one of the largest concentrations of green buildings on ...

Reuse Centre

City of Edmonton, Utility Services Branch

In 2007, the City of Edmonton opened its Reuse Centre, a drop-off facility for household materials, based on the growing popularity of volunteer-based community Reuse Fairs. The Centre accepts many items not accepted elsewhere, which are made available for purchase by organizations and individuals for a nominal fee. The Centre has grown in popularity, and moved to a larger location in 2014 to accommodate the increase in customers and donations.  ...

Lacombe County Environmental Management System – Leading from Within

Lacombe County

Sometimes the best way to lead is through example. To encourage their community’s commitment to a healthy environment for current and future generations, Lacombe County created the internally-focused Environmental Management System (EMS). Implemented in 2014, and developed through extensive community and staff consultation, EMS establishes targets and deliverables to conserve, protect and enhance the natural environment while balancing the social and economic needs of the Lacombe community. On an annual ...

Designing for Wildlife Passage in an Increasingly Fragmented World

City of Edmonton

Habitat loss and fragmentation is the single largest threat to biodiversity conservation in an urban area.  As large contiguous habitats are quickly converted into smaller more isolated remnants the value of maintaining functioning ecological connections between patches increases significantly.  With the help of a multidisciplinary team, The City of Edmonton incorporated ecological infrastructure with human networks, creating the Wildlife Passage Engineering Design Guidelines (WPEDG), an educational publication that provides clear ...

The Alberta Aquatic Invasive Species Program

Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development

In 2013, the Alberta government launched a pilot program focused on the “Crown of the Continent Ecosystem” in order to address the risks of specific AIS zebra and quagga mussels, as well as Eurasian water milfoil. It became evident there was a need for expansion due to the ecologic and economic risks facing the entire province.  In response, the Government of Alberta created the AIS Program, which focuses on the ...

Alberta’s Wet Areas Mapping Initiative

Alberta Department of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

Alberta’s Department of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development actively pursues innovative solutions that balance economic, environmental and social concerns. Stewardship requires particular emphasis be placed on conservation of aquatic habitats and sensitive lands. The problem is traditional mapping of water in Alberta relies upon photo interpretation. But unseen, wet areas, soils that are sensitive to disturbance and small channels remain unknown to resource planners. The Department commenced on what has ...

Legacy Pointe in La Perle Secondary Suites Project

City of Edmonton Corporate Properties Branch

The Legacy Pointe Built Green/Secondary Suite Pilot project demonstrates an innovative and sustainable reuse of a surplus school sites. The project provides valuable neighbourhood infill and density with construction of energy-efficient, BuiltGreen homes containing secondary rental suites. Legacy Pointe is an attainable housing project with new owners eligible for Cornerstone Grants of up to $20,000 providing they agree to rent to persons of median income for five years.

Office of Sustainability, University of Alberta

Higher education plays a key role demonstrating and advancing sustainability in society. To advance the University of Alberta’s performance, the Board of Governors endorsed the campus sustainability initiative in 2008 and creation of the Office of Sustainability. Launched in 2009, the office delivers programs in three focus areas: outreach & engagement, academic teaching & research and facilities & operations. This nomination concentrates on the outreach & engagement focus area which: ...