Implementation of the Bow River Phosphorus Management Plan

By: Alberta Environment and Parks

The Bow River Phosphorus Management Plan (PMP) is a pilot initiative, bringing together a multi-disciplinary group of stakeholders to address point and non-point phosphorus loadings in the Bow River reach between the Bearspaw and Bassano Dams. This initiative uses a ‘shared responsibility’ approach whereby all contributors are involved in identifying and implementing a strategy to manage the cumulative impacts of existing and new activities. The shared solutions are developed based on a full review of the environmental risks and socio-economic values. The PMP is the successful culmination of work by government and non-government agencies, urban and rural sectors, and a diverse team of subject matter experts who defined the issue, established goals and objectives, and recommended strategies and actions to manage phosphorus contributions. An Implementation Committee, an Education and Outreach Working Group (to raise awareness of phosphorus management issues) and a Performance Measures Working Group (to identify performance measures and track progress) were established in 2014 to move the PMP’s strategies and actions forward. The initiative’s overall outcome is that phosphorus inputs to the Bow River are managed to provide a healthy aquatic ecosystem while meeting the needs of stakeholders.