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Solar Energy Society of Alberta

SESA Board Group Photo The Solar Energy Society of Alberta (SESA) is dedicated to advancing the awareness, understanding and use of solar energy as well as other renewable energy and conservation technologies. SESA is an EcoHero because they have been teaching Albertans about these technologies since 1991, partnering with provincial and municipal governments, academic institutions, and other community organizations.

SESA offers:

Free Public Seminars on various solar and energy efficiency ...

Conserving Alberta’s Most Fragmented Ecoregion

Edmonton and Area Land Trust

Photography: Hoopla MediaThe area surrounding Edmonton is considered the most fragmented and densely populated ecoregion in Alberta. In the 1990s, public support for a local land trust began to build. Six organizations wanting to conserve native habitats through public engagement joined forces to create the Edmonton and Area Land Trust (EALT). With only six volunteers, limited public visibility and no properties with which to rally donor support by 2007, ...

Sustainability Leadership Council

MacEwan University


MacEwan University’s Office of Sustainability launched the Sustainability Leadership Council (SLC) in 2016 as a means for students to make their dream sustainability projects come to life. The SLC’s volunteer squad has grown from 10 to 35 people and has been involved in over 20 projects since its inception.

Since 2017, the SLC has partnered with the City of Edmonton’s Compost Doctor to host four ...

NSERC TRIA-Net: Turning Risk Into Action

University of Alberta

DSC01984The NSERC TRIA-Network: turning risk into action (2013-2018) for the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic was founded in the TRIA Project which ran from 2007-2012. The collective focus of the TRIA Networks was deciphering the MPB complex using sophisticated research methodologies and communication. Heightened concern over the extent to which the MPB infestation could affect Alberta’s pine forests prompted an immediate coordinated response. It was envisaged there would be significant ...

Natural Asset Mapping: A strong tool for effective local and regional conservation planning, protection and stewardship

City of Edmonton

unnamedWith the release of the Government of Alberta’s Primary Land and Vegetation Inventory (PLVI) in 2010, over 75% of rural Alberta was described by this and other provincial land-cover inventories. While the project mapped rural parts of the province, densely populated urban areas were simply classified as combinations of residential or industrial development and neglected to recognize municipal natural assets such as stormwater ponds and urban agriculture which provide ... Let’s Not Waste!

Emerald2-0002Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery (SPUD) sources and delivers local groceries to their customer’s doorsteps. Since expanding to Alberta in 2005, the company has modelled how a social enterprise can “change the world, one bite at a time”.

Part of SPUD’s commitment to sustainability has been to model how food waste can be minimized in innovative ways. Pre-ordered online purchases mean no in-store displays ...

Riparian Health Action Plan

North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA)

NSWA staff photo AGM 2018 copyIn 2016, the NSWA embarked on a 3-phase Riparian Health Action Plan to improve aquatic ecosystem health across the North Saskatchewan River watershed.

The NSWA completed a  study and commissioned the development of a new, modern method to assess riparian condition at the watershed scale. Critically impacted areas have been identified and are being used to prioritize on-ground work. They currently are engaged with municipalities, recognizing the ...

Move the World!

College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving

College HUNKSLeon Kassian, after hearing about the College HUNKS concept from his brother-in-law, made the journey to Tampa, Florida to learn more. The one-stop pickup for junk removal with an eco-friendly twist inspired him to open the first College HUNKS franchise in Canada. Whether they are helping a family downsize, decluttering an office, or removing debris from a construction site, over 80% of all items are recycled or ...

Indigenous Electricity Technical Working Group

700 beaver-lake-cree-solar-panelsThe Indigenous Electricity Technical Working Group (IETWG) was created to explore Indigenous participation in the growing renewable energy industry. The group was a result of the Government of Alberta’s move towards 30% renewable energy by 2030 and a commitment to foster a greater socio-economic capacity for Alberta’s Indigenous Peoples. The IETWG brought together First Nation and Métis leaders, technical experts, the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO), and provincial and ...

Change Homes for Climate: Edmonton’s EnerGuide Residential Labeling Program

City of Edmonton

Team Photo WinnerEdmonton’s residential labeling program helps Edmontonians understand the energy performance of a home and obtain expert advice on how to make it more energy efficient and comfortable. But Edmonton’s program goes beyond the individual home, as the labeling system allows for comparisons between homes so the market can make informed decisions.

The program consists of a home evaluation that includes recommendations on upgrades/renovations (for existing homes) and ...