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Solar Energy Society of Alberta

SESA Board Group Photo The Solar Energy Society of Alberta (SESA) is dedicated to advancing the awareness, understanding and use of solar energy as well as other renewable energy and conservation technologies. SESA is an EcoHero because they have been teaching Albertans about these technologies since 1991, partnering with provincial and municipal governments, academic institutions, and other community organizations.

SESA offers:

Free Public Seminars on various solar and energy efficiency ...

Conserving Alberta’s Most Fragmented Ecoregion

Edmonton and Area Land Trust


The Edmonton and Area Land Trust (EALT) celebrated its 10th Anniversary of conserving, stewarding and enhancing the region’s natural areas for citizens to value and enjoy. This effort is long term, taking years to conserve just one parcel; but years of hard work and significant commitment to the environment is evident in the 12 natural areas now conserved, in this the most fragmented and densely populated ecoregion in Alberta. ...

Sustainability Leadership Council

MacEwan University

Sustainability shot

This team of student leaders has been involved with nearly 20 projects that provide educational, skill and community building opportunities to students, staff and faculty, and external community members at MacEwan University. Their work has been featured in campus news, and this Winter, they presented on their initiatives at the AB Student Leadership Summit. The majority are under 25 years of age.

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NSERC TRIA-Net: Turning Risk Into Action

University of Alberta

DSC01984The NSERC TRIA-Network: turning risk into action (2013-2018) for the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic was founded in the TRIA Project which ran from 2007-2012. The collective focus of the TRIA Networks was deciphering the MPB complex using sophisticated research methodologies and communication. Heightened concern over the extent to which the MPB infestation could affect Alberta’s pine forests prompted an immediate coordinated response. It was envisaged there would be significant ...

Natural Asset Mapping: A strong tool for effective local and regional conservation planning, protection and stewardship

City of Edmonton

unnamedNatural assets form a valuable part of Edmonton’s landscape, provide essential ecosystem services and are the richest ecological sites (ecosites) within the city. • Edmonton is committed to “understand[ing] ecosystems and ecosystem services upon which Edmonton depends, valuing and protecting them as Edmonton grows.” Following this direction, the Office of Biodiversity embarked upon an innovative project that saw the standardization, through ecological vegetation classification, of a new and comprehensive ... Let’s Not Waste!

Pigs eating compost celery (1) is an online grocery delivery service with a focus on local and organic food. Since opening in Calgary in 2005 and Edmonton in 2014, SPUD has been committed to providing simple access to real, healthy, local food in communities across the province. SPUD brings positive change to people’s lives by supporting sustainable food systems that cultivate healthy communities, caring for the earth’s natural harvest, and reducing ...

Riparian Health Action Plan

North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA)

NSWA staff photo AGM 2018 copyIn 2016, the NSWA embarked on a 3-phase Riparian Health Action Plan to improve aquatic ecosystem health across the North Saskatchewan River watershed.

The NSWA completed a  study and commissioned the development of a new, modern method to assess riparian condition at the watershed scale. Critically impacted areas have been identified and are being used to prioritize on-ground work. They currently are engaged with municipalities, recognizing the ...

Move the World!

College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving

AES 10College HUNKS is a North American Franchise that specializes in high-quality moving and junk removal.  Leon Kassian is a denture implant specialist who took College Hunks Hauling and Moving to another level by taking a typically ‘blue collar’ industry and sprinkling ‘white collar’ all over it.  In a short period of time, he has built a great culture of employees with a superior attitude and training resulting in an ...

Indigenous Electricity Technical Working Group

700 beaver-lake-cree-solar-panelsThe Indigenous Electricity Technical Working Group (IETWG) includes membership of Indigenous (Métis and First Nations) practitioners from communities to inform government direction and develop technical expertise in electricity at a re-occurring table. It includes technicians from various regions, organizations, and interested communities. It also includes representatives from GoA ministries and agencies, including Alberta Climate Change Office, Alberta Electricity System Operator, Alberta Energy, and Indigenous Relations.

The tasks ...

Change Homes for Climate: Edmonton’s EnerGuide Residential Labeling Program

City of Edmonton

Team Photo WinnerEdmonton’s residential labeling program helps Edmontonians understand the energy performance of a home and obtain expert advice on how to make it more energy efficient and comfortable. But Edmonton’s program goes beyond the individual home, as the labeling system allows for comparisons between homes so the market can make informed decisions.

The program consists of a home evaluation that includes recommendations on upgrades/renovations (for existing homes) and ...