Bill Wishart: A Lifetime of Contributing to Alberta’s Fish and Wildlife Management Community

Bill Wishart has dedicated over six decades to serving Alberta’s diverse communities and wildlife resources.

Throughout his career, Bill has been a steadfast advocate for Alberta’s fish and wildlife, contributing to the development of hunting licensing and allocation strategies for over 40 years. His work has benefited recreational, commercial, and Indigenous hunters alike, addressing issues such as disease and habitat loss while mentoring a diverse array of professionals, including young women entering the field.

Bill’s impact extends beyond his direct contributions to wildlife management. As a founding member of the Alberta Chapter of The Wildlife Society and through his involvement in various conservation agencies, he has shaped the careers of numerous individuals and helped establish scientific standards for wildlife management in Alberta.

Bill’s work emphasizes the importance of landscape and ecosystem integrity for all species. His efforts have led to advancements in wildlife research, habitat conservation, and sustainable resource management, benefiting both current and future generations. By sharing his knowledge and passion, he has inspired successive generations of wildlife professionals to continue his legacy of stewardship and conservation.