Future Energy Systems

By: Future Energy Systems

Future Energy Systems (FES), a research program at the University of Alberta, funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund, is committed to shaping a brighter energy future globally. Their mission is to foster a sustainable, economically viable, and equitable energy transition, harmonizing energy and the environment while meeting the needs of people and communities. FES funds innovative research spanning multiple disciplines, from engineering to humanities, to improve current energy systems and develop future energy solutions.

Central to FES’s initiatives is knowledge sharing through a diverse education, outreach, and engagement portfolio. Internally, they offer services such as communications training and community building for researchers and students. Externally, they provide an array of services including public talks, classroom programs, and the creation of educational resources, ensuring accessibility to all.

FES serves diverse communities in Alberta and beyond, supporting internal research and education while engaging people of all ages externally. They prioritize outreach to lower-income schools and rural communities, aiming to mitigate economic barriers to education. By embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion, FES incorporates lived experiences into their outreach programs, making university-level research accessible to communities traditionally excluded.

Focused on environmental impact and climate change mitigation, FES supports research on the energy transition, technology, and social and economic challenges. Beyond research, they provide expertise and learning opportunities at no cost, reaching thousands through events, social media, and educational programs. For instance, their classroom program with Edmonton Public School Career Pathways has connected over 2,300 students with energy and environmental education, while an exhibit at K-Days in 2023 reached over 8,000 members of the public, fostering knowledge exchange and community connections.