Alberta Bike Swap

By: Alberta Bike Swap

Alberta Bike Swap is on a mission to revolutionize cycling accessibility and sustainability across Alberta. Their vision encompasses removing barriers to cycling by ensuring safe and equitable access to bicycles and bike education. Through a series of community-based bicycle buy, sell, and donate events, along with providing essential resources such as software, bike racks, and educational processes, Alberta Bike Swap empowers cyclists to embrace a cycling lifestyle.

With a strong focus on environmental sustainability, Alberta Bike Swap has made significant strides in mitigating the effects of climate change. Through their pre-owned bike initiatives, they have effectively displaced other transportation modes, resulting in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and life cycle assessments. Additionally, their safe cycling initiatives, such as CAN-BIKE education programs, promote cycling as a sustainable and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Alberta Bike Swap’s impact extends beyond environmental benefits. They fulfill unmet needs in the community by providing safe cycling education, repurposing unused bikes, and ensuring the safety of bike transactions through innovative software solutions.