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Conserving Alberta’s Most Fragmented Ecoregion

Edmonton and Area Land Trust

The Edmonton and Area Land Trust (EALT) celebrated its 10th Anniversary of conserving, stewarding and enhancing the region’s natural areas for citizens to value and enjoy. This effort is long term, taking years to conserve just one parcel; but years of hard work and significant commitment to the environment is evident in the 12 natural areas now conserved, in this the most fragmented and densely populated ecoregion in Alberta.


Sustainability Leadership Council

MacEwan University

This team of student leaders has been involved with nearly 20 projects that provide educational, skill and community building opportunities to students, staff and faculty, and external community members at MacEwan University. Their work has been featured in campus news, and this Winter, they presented on their initiatives at the AB Student Leadership Summit. The majority are under 25 years of age.

The Goatworks Program

City of Edmonton

The three-year GoatWorks Pilot Project was established to explore the use of goat browse an alternative weed management tool on City parkland. The project further aims to connect with Edmontonians to build a better understanding of the City’s integrated pest management practices. The benefits of this pilot, if successful, will have a positive impact on the environment (such as reduced carbon emissions from not mowing, less use of herbicide, etc.) ...

Green Way My Way – Sustainable Commuting at Momentum


Momentum is striving to become a leader in the field of supporting employees to sustainably commute to work. As a not-for-profit, community organization, Momentum has made significant effort to promote more sustainable commuting for employees through a sustainable commuter bonus and creative staff awards to celebrate sustainable commuting – the good, bad and just plain boring of commuting to work by walking, riding a bike or taking transit. The Green ...

NSERC TRIA-Net: Turning Risk Into Action

University of Alberta

The NSERC TRIA-Network: turning risk into action (2013-2018) for the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic was founded in the TRIA Project which ran from 2007-2012. The collective focus of the TRIA Networks was deciphering the MPB complex using sophisticated research methodologies and communication. Heightened concern over the extent to which the MPB infestation could affect Alberta’s pine forests prompted an immediate coordinated response. It was envisaged there would be significant impacts ...

Alberta Tomorrow: Planning for a Better Future

Alberta Tomorrow

The Alberta Tomorrow Foundation ( is an eco-hero because to date it has educated more than 12 000 Albertans on land-use and has given many students exposure to critical, real life, environmentally sensitive decisions being made in Alberta. Alberta Tomorrow is a free, online, educational tool that educates Albertans on the importance of sustainable land-use planning. Alberta Tomorrow is critically reviewed and has a board of ...

Natural Asset Mapping: A strong tool for effective local and regional conservation planning, protection and stewardship

City of Edmonton

Natural assets form a valuable part of Edmonton’s landscape, provide essential ecosystem services and are the richest ecological sites (ecosites) within the city. • Edmonton is committed to “understand[ing] ecosystems and ecosystem services upon which Edmonton depends, valuing and protecting them as Edmonton grows.” Following this direction, the Office of Biodiversity embarked upon an innovative project that saw the standardization, through ecological vegetation classification, of a new and comprehensive Municipal ...

Suncana Energy

Suncana Energy has developed the Grid Guard system, a smart micro-grid technology that is portable. These systems are built in Calgary using revectored oil and gas instrumentation personnel. Suncana is innovating new tech that will be part of the next generation in renewable power. They are currently nationally recognized trainers for the safe installation, system design and CSA certification of solar.

“Dream big and take a small step”, The Calgary Zoo’s Commitment to being a conservation organization and the need to operate and educate in sustainability and environmental management.

Calgary Zoo

The Green Team Council’s contributions to environmental protection have focused on reducing land pollution, education of the zoo community and environmental resource management. The zoo’s sustainability efforts have developed and expanded with the overarching goal to continue to create a more sustainable future for the organization while taking action for wildlife and wild places. Building off this philosophy and with our passionate advocates at the helm, we started taking action ...

David Owen Trew, Lifetime Achievement in Water Resource Management

Dave Trew has recently retired after a 50-year career as a water scientist, including 44 years in Alberta as a government scientist and as the executive director of the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance. Over the course of his time in Alberta, Dave led or participated in numerous important studies and initiatives to protect lakes, rivers, and wetlands in Alberta, along with the species they are home to. Dave’s bibliography includes ...