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Explore Edmonton

Explore Edmonton epitomizes the essence of sustainable tourism development and community enrichment. With a mission to elevate Edmonton as a premier destination, their vision encompasses year-round transformational experiences for visitors while fostering economic prosperity and enhancing residents’ quality of life.

Aligned with their commitment to sustainability, Explore Edmonton has embarked on comprehensive initiatives to mitigate environmental impact. From achieving a nearly 70% waste diversion rate to implementing ...

Nature Kids Program

Nature Alberta

For over five decades, Nature Alberta has been committed to preserving natural spaces and fostering community engagement, envisioning a future where Alberta’s natural heritage is cherished and safeguarded. Through their diverse outreach programs, they inspire Albertans to learn about, experience, and protect nature.

One of their flagship initiatives, Nature Kids, is designed to cultivate a deep connection to the environment among youth and their families. Operating under ...

Alberta Bike Swap

Alberta Bike Swap is on a mission to revolutionize cycling accessibility and sustainability across Alberta. Their vision encompasses removing barriers to cycling by ensuring safe and equitable access to bicycles and bike education. Through a series of community-based bicycle buy, sell, and donate events, along with providing essential resources such as software, bike racks, and educational processes, Alberta Bike Swap empowers cyclists to embrace a cycling lifestyle.


Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association: Day on the Creek

Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association

The Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association (WBRA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting resilient landscapes and communities within the Waterton Biosphere Region (WBR).

One of WBRA’s initiatives is Day on the Creek, an annual event launched in 2017, offering a unique outdoor learning experience for hundreds of students from rural areas, including those from the local Piikani Nation. This event serves as a bridge between classroom education ...

Future Energy Systems

Future Energy Systems (FES), a research program at the University of Alberta, funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund, is committed to shaping a brighter energy future globally. Their mission is to foster a sustainable, economically viable, and equitable energy transition, harmonizing energy and the environment while meeting the needs of people and communities. FES funds innovative research spanning multiple disciplines, from engineering to humanities, to improve current ...

Eavor Technologies Inc.

Eavor is a Next Generation Geothermal technology-based energy company led by a team dedicated to creating a clean, reliable, and affordable energy future on a global scale. Eavor’s solution (Eavor-Loop™) represents the world’s first truly scalable form of clean, baseload or dispatchable energy (heating, cooling & electrical power). Eavor achieves this by mitigating or eliminating many of the issues that have hindered traditional geothermal solutions.

Their pilot ...

Salay Prayzaan at Métis Crossing

Métis Nation of Alberta

Salay Prayzaan “a gift from the sun” at Métis Crossing, formerly known as the Métis Crossing Solar Project, stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit between the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA), the Town of Smoky Lake, and Smoky Lake County. With a capacity of 4.86 MW, this community solar endeavor embodies the mission and values of the MNA, serving as a model for Indigenous-led initiatives in climate ...

ENMAX Community Solar Fund

The City of Calgary and ENMAX

The ENMAX Community Solar Fund brings solar energy to local neighborhoods. It’s a partnership between The City of Calgary and ENMAX that has invested $5 million to create solar power systems on community buildings. These solar systems help reduce the costs of running these buildings and also cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

The program focuses on community associations, which are groups that work together to improve ...

Circular Rubber Technologies: Becoming the First Devulcanization Facility for End-of-Life Mining Tires in the World

Circular Rubber Technologies

Circular Rubber’s mission is to positively impact the world by converting rubber waste into value, again and again, to be used in new high-performance rubber products. Rooted in sustainability, their vision aims for the infinite reuse of the world’s rubber, striving towards a circular future where rubber is continuously repurposed, contributing to a regenerative environment.

Circular Rubber offers services in devulcanizing end-of-life industrial tires, creating a devulcanized ...

The City of Calgary Riparian Monitoring Program

The City of Calgary

The City of Calgary’s Riparian Monitoring Program (RMP) embodies a steadfast commitment to the conservation and enhancement of riparian areas along water bodies. Initiated in response to key actions in The City’s Riparian Action Program, the RMP endeavours to translate strategy into action, fostering flood and drought resilience, water quality protection, and biodiversity preservation. The RMP assesses riparian health, striving to elevate the city-wide average riparian score from a ...