Posts Categorized: Finalist Let’s Not Waste! is an online grocery delivery service with a focus on local and organic food. Since opening in Calgary in 2005 and Edmonton in 2014, SPUD has been committed to providing simple access to real, healthy, local food in communities across the province. SPUD brings positive change to people’s lives by supporting sustainable food systems that cultivate healthy communities, caring for the earth’s natural harvest, and reducing our ...

Empower Me Alberta

Empower Me

Launched in 2012, Empower Me is Canada’s only energy conservation and behaviour change program aimed at members of diverse, multilingual communities. It is a peer-to-peer program, delivered in communities, and in language. Empower Me helps participants understand energy bills and choices, save energy, save money, and increase the comfort and safety of their homes.

While energy conservation, rebate messaging and safety information is widely available, it’s almost always ...

Propane Autogas in School Buses – SOUTHLAND’s Commitment to a Clean and Sustainable Future.

Southland Transportation

Southland commenced exploring propane as an alternative to diesel fuel in our School Bus fleet in the 1980’s. Their partnership with the automotive industry has evolved, and by means of financial commitments, they have gradually increased our propane School Bus fleet to a total of 535 buses by 2018. Their propane fleet ranks as follows: Largest propane fleet of School Buses in Canada and, Third largest privately owned fleet of ...

Dr Robert Page, Lifetime Environmental Influencer and Bridge Builder

Dr. Page has been a vigorous and innovative Alberta environmental leader, educator and bridge builder bringing together business, NGO, education, and government to advance environmental understanding and find sustainable solutions.

He spent two terms as Dean, Environmental Design, U of C training environmental professionals. He was then recruited to be TransAlta’s VP, Sustainable Development, the largest Alberta Electrical Utility where he won global awards for the company’s environmental ...

Riparian Health Action Plan

North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA)

In 2016, the NSWA embarked on a 3-phase Riparian Health Action Plan to improve aquatic ecosystem health across the North Saskatchewan River watershed.

The three phases of our project are to:

1. Complete an inventory and assess the condition of riparian areas in the Watershed.

2. Collaborate with local municipalities to develop coordinating riparian bylaws.

3. Develop and support programs that incentivize ...

Software Platform Enables GHG Reductions at Scale

Carbon Credit Solutions Inc.

Carbon taxes and carbon markets dominate our political and environmental discourse. If you are reading this application, you appreciate how confusing and complex this system can be. Just recently, our provincial news blew up with misinformation about this subject.

As the Alberta Emerald Foundation and Carbon Credit Solutions Inc. (CCSI), we share a mission to celebrate environmental excellence even when the subject matter is difficult to explain. The ...

Natural Leaders Project

City of Lethbridge – Helen Schüler Nature Centre

The Natural Leaders Project (NLP) is an immersive, year-long environmental leadership program designed to build ecological literacy, connect residents to place, and inspire stewardship and innovation. This program works with Grade 5-9 students and teachers, school administrations and districts, community partners, businesses, post-secondary institutions, members of the Blackfoot community, and the City of Lethbridge to create a community of knowledgeable, empowered and activated citizens.

This unique program goes ...

Lloyd Dahl

Lloyd was born in 1929 in Donalda Alberta. His childhood was spent farming land, mainly by hand, and helping others in the Buena Vista area with their farms.

While working for the Village of Alix he developed many parks and playgrounds around the community. He also developed the Alix Lake Campground and the Haunted Lake Campground north of Alix.

In 1987, he retired and went on ...

Indigenous Electricity Technical Working Group

Indigenous Electricity Technical Working Group

The Indigenous Electricity Technical Working Group (IETWG) includes membership of Indigenous (Métis and First Nations) practitioners from communities to inform government direction and develop technical expertise in electricity at a re-occurring table. It includes technicians from various regions, organizations, and interested communities. It also includes representatives from GoA ministries and agencies, including Alberta Climate Change Office, Alberta Electricity System Operator, Alberta Energy, and Indigenous Relations.

The tasks of ...