Ledcor Highway Maintenance Yard Upgrades

By: Ledcor Highway Maintenance Limited

Ledcor’s Highway Maintenance team provides services on long-term contracts covering 6700 kilometres of Provincial Highways in Alberta and is responsible for year-round, winter, and seasonal maintenance.

One of the most notable aspects of Ledcor’s approach is its proactive stance on environmental protection. Through meticulous planning and investment in yard upgrades, they have implemented innovative measures to mitigate the risk of salt contamination, a significant concern in highway maintenance operations.

Ledcor’s yard upgrades include the installation of cutting-edge drainage systems and impermeable paving to prevent salt-contaminated water from seeping into surrounding areas. By capturing and recirculating contaminated water, they not only minimize environmental impact but also reduce off-site disposal requirements, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and resource efficiency.

These upgrades go beyond industry standards, setting a new benchmark for environmental responsibility in highway maintenance. By taking proactive steps to address salt contamination risks, Ledcor ensures a safer and more sustainable future for communities, wildlife, and ecosystems affected by their operations.