City of Calgary’s Drought Resilience Plan

By: City of Calgary

The City of Calgary’s Drought Resilience Plan (DRP) aims to prepare the city, its residents, and businesses for the challenges posed by drought, which stands as one of Calgary’s primary climate hazards. The plan’s overarching mission is to foster a future where Calgary’s people, ecosystems, and businesses can not only withstand and recover from drought but also adapt to the increasingly dry conditions expected in the region.

Guided by principles of climate resilience and water stewardship, the DRP emphasizes responsible water usage and equitable drought planning. It engages with Indigenous communities and honours traditional territories, reflecting a commitment to inclusive decision-making. The plan outlines five integrated goals, including reducing water demand, protecting water supply, enhancing drought preparedness, promoting healthy landscapes, and fostering strong relationships within the community.

Through proactive measures like reducing water consumption and improving water storage solutions, the DRP aims to mitigate the impacts of drought on both human populations and ecosystems. The plan’s focus on sustainable landscaping practices and community engagement reflects a commitment to preserving water resources for future generations.