Strathmore High School Community Greenhouse

By: Strathmore High School Community Greenhouse

The Strathmore High School Community Greenhouse stands as a beacon of sustainable education and community engagement. This unique project, nestled in Strathmore and Wheatland County, embodies a forward-thinking approach to environmental stewardship, education, and community development.

At its core, the greenhouse serves as a free community space fostering mentorship between high school students and diverse community groups. It offers tours, workshops, and practical lessons on sustainable practices, enriching the local community’s understanding of food security, biodiversity, and renewable energy.

Notably, the greenhouse operates off-grid, showcasing the feasibility of sustainable solutions while producing nutritious food for the Wheatland County Food Bank with minimal environmental impact. Through initiatives like native pollinator plantings, student-built solar panels, and permaculture demonstrations, the project extends its reach beyond its physical boundaries, inspiring conversations and action on climate change mitigation and sustainable living.