Nature Kids Program

By: Nature Alberta

For over five decades, Nature Alberta has been committed to preserving natural spaces and fostering community engagement, envisioning a future where Alberta’s natural heritage is cherished and safeguarded. Through their diverse outreach programs, they inspire Albertans to learn about, experience, and protect nature.

One of their flagship initiatives, Nature Kids, is designed to cultivate a deep connection to the environment among youth and their families. Operating under the core themes of “Learn About Nature,” “Experience Nature,” and “Protect Nature,” this program catalyzes environmental consciousness and stewardship across the province.

In the past year alone, the Nature Kids program made a significant impact, engaging 1,942 participants through 17 events held in five cities in collaboration with 36 partners. Notably, families and volunteers came together to plant 350 trees of 13 native species during the Tree Planting for Biodiversity event in Edmonton urban parks. This hands-on activity not only contributed to restoring wildlife habitat but also empowered participants to take tangible action in preserving the natural environment.