Circular Rubber Technologies: Becoming the First Devulcanization Facility for End-of-Life Mining Tires in the World

By: Circular Rubber Technologies

Circular Rubber’s mission is to positively impact the world by converting rubber waste into value, again and again, to be used in new high-performance rubber products. Rooted in sustainability, their vision aims for the infinite reuse of the world’s rubber, striving towards a circular future where rubber is continuously repurposed, contributing to a regenerative environment.

Circular Rubber offers services in devulcanizing end-of-life industrial tires, creating a devulcanized rubber reclaim that replaces virgin natural rubber, with their first facility set to open in Red Deer, Alberta. This facility will serve the local community by managing rubber waste sustainably, fostering economic growth, and laying the groundwork for a global impact. Once operational, their facility in Red Deer will save 12,000 tonnes of CO2e annually, equivalent to the offset from 462,000 trees.