Muttart Conservatory Rain Water Harvesting for Irrigation and Plant Health

By: City of Edmonton

The Rainwater Harvesting Project endeavors to raise awareness and build credibility relating to plant irrigation. Showcased at the Muttart Conservatory, harvested rainwater is stored in cisterns under ebb and flow tables for the purpose of indoor irrigation to greenhouses and public gardens. The outcomes support the City of Edmonton’s strategy to reduce potable water demand and runoff from buildings and hard surfaces. In 2016, Muttart Conservatory cisterns received more than 7,500 liters of harvested rainwater per month, and demand for potable water was reduced by 16.7% from the prior year trends as a result. The project realized additional benefits of cost savings through higher yields and healthier plants, and the program’s outcomes were scientifically verified through a University of Alberta graduate study. The knowledge and experience gained from this project is expected to be transferable to other greenhouses.

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