Root For Trees

By: City of Edmonton

Root for Trees, an enhanced tree planting program, works to preserve and expand Edmonton’s urban forest through partnerships with corporations, community groups, and individual residents. Edmontonians are invited to participate in tree-planting events where they are provided with all the materials required for an exciting and educational day in nature. Volunteer groups involved in planting events create and enhance the vegetation cover throughout parks, along roadways, and in established tree stands. At each event, Root for Trees facilitators promote interactive and environmental awareness-oriented activities by providing expertise on natural topics, promoting the growth of the urban forest, and involving volunteers in many hands-on learning experiences. With the annual goal of planting 16,000 trees and shrubs exceeded each year, Root for Trees continues to work towards doubling the size of Edmonton’s total urban forest canopy by 10 to 20% within 10 years. The overall outcomes of this program are to preserve and sustain Edmonton’s environment, improve Edmonton’s livability, and transform Edmonton’s urban form.

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