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ALUS in Alberta

ALUS Canada is a community-led, farmer-delivered program that supports stewardship activities on agricultural lands. With the generous support of The W. Garfield Weston Foundation, ALUS programs are established in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Prince Edward Island—where it is run by the Province. In all ALUS communities, farmers and ranchers obtain support to enable them to produce valuable ecological goods and services on their lands, via such activities as ...

Montane Elk Project

The Montane Elk Program is committed to research ensuring the environmentally sound development of Alberta’s energy resources. With a particular focus on mitigating the effects of energy development on elk in southwest Alberta, the project has become the world’s largest radiotelemetry study on elk. Mitigating the ecological effects of energy development is achieved by sharing roads with the ranching and timber-harvesting industries and by gating and reclaiming roads to natural ...

Landscape Ecological Assessment and Planning (LEAP) and the Algar Restoration Pilot Project

Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance

Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) is an alliance of oil sands producers focused on accelerating the pace of improvement in environmental performance in Canada’s oil sands through collaborative action and innovation. The COSIA companies share a common commitment to environmental stewardship and have invested significant resources into innovative approaches to restore footprint and improve woodland caribou habitat. The Landscape Ecological Assessment and Planning (LEAP) process was employed to first ...

Algar Restoration Pilot Project

Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA)

This project represents a collaboration between six oil sands companies, the province of Alberta and the local forestry industry and is actively restoring important caribou habitat.  COSIA recognizes the importance of maintaining biodiversity while responsibly developing oil sands assets.   One judge said “COSIA has stepped in where there hadn’t been any action before.”