NAIT Boreal Research Institute


Boreal Research Institute (BRI) was initiated in 1996 as a post-secondary – forest industry research partnership. Today, BRI has expanded to 14 industrial partners, five industry sectors; 11 research collaborators, and a wide range of field trials across the boreal region; including Shell Canada Limited (Peace River oil sands), West Fraser (Blue Ridge), Apache Canada Ltd. (Zama oil field), ConocoPhillips Canada (Surmount) and Imperial Oil (Cold Lake oil sands). BRI enhances the innovation capacity of industry through applied science, education and partnerships. BRI is instrumental in the development of scientifically-based best practices and applied technologies. BRI is located in a $4.5 million complex in the town of Peace River, in the heart of Alberta’s boreal forest natural region. BRI is a pioneer in college-polytechnic applied research, currently holding four National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada awards, including the distinction of two national Industrial Research Chairs.

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