fRI Research Grizzly Bear Program

By: fRI Research Grizzly Bear Program

GBP_2013_G259-with-cubs-in-KakwaThe Grizzly Bear Program (GBP) was created at fRI Research in 1998 to provide knowledge and planning tools to land and resource managers to ensure the long-term conservation of grizzly bears in Alberta. Under the guidance of Program Lead Gordon Stenhouse, the GBP has become widely recognized for excellent science, practical solutions, and strong partnerships. The success of the GBP has been built from its long-term partnerships with government, industry, academia, NGOs, and indigenous communities. By working together to solve practical problems the partnership has enabled the GBP to develop science-based tools for land-use planning in Alberta. For 21 years the province has relied on Gord Stenhouse and the GBP to provide scientific excellence, advancing our understanding of grizzly bear behaviour and habitat use.


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