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Edmonton River Valley Conservation Coalition: Working Together to Protect the North Saskatchewan River Valley

Edmonton River Valley Conservation Coalition

The Edmonton River Valley Conservation Coalition (ERVCC) supports the conservation and restoration of Edmonton’s North Saskatchewan River valley and ravine system through a systems-level focus on biodiversity, the ecological integrity of the corridor, and history. This philosophy reflects the river valley bylaw, which states its first goal: “to ensure the preservation of the natural character and environment of the North Saskatchewan River Valley and its Ravine System.”


Highfield Regenerative Farm: Growing an alternative food community on a foundation of healthy soil

Highfield Regenerative Farm

Highfield Regenerative Farm (HRF) is located on 15 acres in the heart of an industrial community in the city of Calgary.

In partnership with the Compost Council of Canada and the City of Calgary, the HRF is transforming under-utilized industrial land into a vibrant and productive urban farm through soil revitalization, food production and community programming. The HRF strives to create a ...

Vermilion River Watershed Restoration and Enhancement Project

Vermilion River Watershed Alliance

In the spirit of shared environmental goals and collaboration, the Vermilion River Watershed Alliance (VRWA) worked with local, agricultural landowners, municipalities, and students to enhance and restore over 20 kilometres of riparian areas along the Vermilion River, creeks, and tributaries and 157 hectares of wetlands within the Vermilion River Watershed. In partnership with the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance, and through grant funding from the Alberta Government and Environment and ...

Happiness By The Acre

We are working on multiple fronts to improve soil health, water health, wildlife habitat, local economics, and improve food quality and security within Alberta. Within that framework we have the following core activities:

Holistic Planned Rotational Grazing of cattle and poultry. Ethical, humane, and low-stress livestock practices. Extensive riparian and wildlife protection. Extensive installation of ecobuffers and native species plantings. A commitment to paying staff above living wages ...

Dale Hodges Park

Sans façon; Watershed+; City of Calgary; AECOM; O2 Planning + Design; Source2Source; Wilco Contractors Southwest Inc.

Dale Hodges Park

Dale Hodges Park is at once a stormwater facility, a public park and an art installation.

That threefold purpose was born out of the City of Calgary’s WATERSHED+ program, which brings together planners from Parks and Water Resources as well as artists from Public Art.

Artists like Tristan Surtees of Sans façon.

“The idea was that artists would help create an ...

Piper Creek Restoration Agriculture Project

ReThink Red Deer

The Piper Creek Restoration Agriculture Project (PCRAP) is a publicly accessible site demonstrating riparian restoration and urban agriculture on the edge of Red Deer. Working together under a shared vision of “Cultivating a healthy environment for all creatures from soil to sky” the PCRA Project is a collaboration between many partners:

The City of Red Deer Red Deer River Naturalists Red Deer River Watershed Alliance Living Lands ...

Using NetMap for Alberta’s Watersheds

fRI Research Water Program

Government and Watershed Councils have the complicated task of managing Alberta’s watersheds in a very busy landscape. The Water Program at fRI Research, through the work of Axel Anderson and Michael Wagner, has developed a tool to make the job easier. They have customized the GIS platform NetMap to work for Alberta’s watersheds, so it shows exactly where problems are in a watershed, and where mitigation efforts would be the ...

The Goatworks Program

City of Edmonton

Team Meet and Bleat 2017The three-year GoatWorks Pilot Project was established to explore the use of goat browse an alternative weed management tool on City parkland. The project further aims to connect with Edmontonians to build a better understanding of the City’s integrated pest management practices. The benefits of this pilot, if successful, will have a positive impact on the environment (such as reduced carbon emissions from not mowing, less use of herbicide, ...

fRI Research Grizzly Bear Program

GBP_2013_G259-with-cubs-in-KakwaThe Grizzly Bear Program (GBP) was created at fRI Research in 1998 to provide knowledge and planning tools to land and resource managers to ensure the long-term conservation of grizzly bears in Alberta. Under the guidance of Program Lead Gordon Stenhouse, the GBP has become widely recognized for excellent science, practical solutions, and strong partnerships. The success of the GBP has been built from its long-term partnerships with government, ...

Finding Common Ground: Exploring Energy Options and Opportunities in the Battle River Watershed

Battle River Watershed Alliance


The Battle River Watershed Alliance (BRWA) has a focus that extends far beyond just its lakes and rivers. The non-profit develops innovative ways for the public to connect with broader issues that impact their watershed region. In 2017, the BRWA created a government sponsored project with three distinct parts: The Finding Common Ground bike tour, documentary film, and community conversation series.

When ...