Highfield Regenerative Farm: Growing an alternative food community on a foundation of healthy soil

By: Highfield Regenerative Farm

Highfield Regenerative Farm (HRF) is located on 15 acres in the heart of an industrial community in the city of Calgary.

In partnership with the Compost Council of Canada and the City of Calgary, the HRF is transforming under-utilized industrial land into a vibrant and productive urban farm through soil revitalization, food production and community programming. The HRF strives to create a vibrant, creative and inspired urban community hub, centred around biodiverse land, regenerative local food, compost and soil health, education, and contributing meaningful work.

Here are some highlights of the incredible work they’re doing:

  • 720 cubic yards of arborist/ landscaping waste diverted from the landfill
  • 7048 yards of compost created in 2022 for use on-farm
  • Helping the community explore Regenerative Agriculture, Composting and Land Revitalization in unique and exciting ways. In 2022 they tracked 1400 volunteer hours and had 637 members supporting the farm

Learn more: https://www.highfieldfarm.ca/