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Future Energy Systems: Exploring Our Energy Future With The Community, Our Students, And More

Future Energy Systems

Future Energy Systems (FES) is a research program at the University of Alberta funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund. Its mission is to enable a brighter future for energy, in Canada and around the world, supporting the energy transition towards a sustainable, economically viable, and fair system where energy and environment exist in harmony and the needs of people and communities are met without strife. It funds ...

Evergreen Theatre: A 32 Year Legacy of Inspiring Environmental Awareness & Action Through the Arts

Evergreen Theatre Society

Evergreen Theatre is a non-profit charitable organization which provides programming for youth, primarily within the school system throughout Alberta, aimed at inspiring environmental awareness and action through the medium of theatre.

We perform environmentally-inspired original musical shows in elementary schools. These theatrical performances engage children from Grades K-6, with opportunities for students to perform in the show. All shows feature curriculum-based scripts, exciting sets, props, and costumes ...

Alberta businesses are building a better Business-as-usual with Green Economy Canada

Green Economy Canada

Green Economy Canada (GEC) launches and grows Green Economy Hubs that bring together, support, and celebrate businesses of all sectors and sizes in setting and achieving sustainability targets. By doing this, they create stronger economies and more resilient communities across Canada. They also provide educational training on Green House Gas emissions, accounting, reduction planning, target setting, and the UN SDGs.

GEC amplifies success stories of business sustainability ...

Alberta Bike Swap – supporting the circular economy before it was cool

Alberta Bike Swap

Alberta Bike Swap has facilitated the safe buying, selling, and donating of thousands of bikes since 2011; we were the poster child for the circular economy before it was cool. Our processes and patented fit-for-purpose software have helped the police recover stolen bikes from pawn shops and online sales. We’re fortunate to have over 70 strategic alliances, and we help fund the rebuilding of thousands of donated bikes to ...

Project Forest: Rewilding Canada, One Forest at a Time

Project Forest

Project Forest is rewilding Canada, one forest at a time. They are a nonprofit organization working in partnership with conservation groups, Indigenous communities and like-minded businesses to capture carbon naturally by transitioning non-productive agricultural land into forever forests. They’re passionate about creating positive change in our community by planting not just trees—but species-rich forests—that clean the air and water, increase wildlife habitat and provide opportunities for Canadians to enjoy ...

Envirotech Geothermal – Alberta’s smartest way to Net Zero!

The #1 way to achieve Net Zero is by omitting the use of fossil fuels in buildings.

Since 2006, Envirotech Geothermal has provided renewable heating and cooling solutions to all Albertans. Since then, Envirotech has grown to become one of the most experienced and highest voluming installers in the Province, and #2 Geosmart dealer in all of Canada!

Envirotech Geothermal specializes in ground-source energy systems ...

Eco-Flex Recycled Rubber Solutions

Eco-Flex uses recycled tires and creates products that will last for decades. These products can be used around the house, in the automotive industry, in the oil and gas industry and for municipalities and schools looking for a more sustainable solution. Eco-Flex reduces the number of tires going to waste or laying in stockpiles and has found a way to use a scrap material in a valuable manner for ...

26 Years Building Sustainable Futures by Reimagine Architects

Reimagine Architects

For over 26 years, Reimagine Architects has been creating joyful journeys toward regenerative architecture! Formerly known as Manasc Isaac Architects, their core mission during the past two and a half decades remains unchanged: to create healthy and beautiful spaces for people, in a way that treads lightly on the earth.

They live on the leading edge of sustainable design, and this has resulted in many green building ...

Blindman Brewing First-in-Canada CO2 Capture and Utilization

Blindman Brewing

Blindman Brewing is the first in Canada to utilize carbon capture in the brewing process of craft beer. They’re taking CO2 that is produced via fermentation and capturing it and using it. This reduces GHG emissions from their brewery as well as reduces costs in a way that will lead to widespread adoption of the technology.

So far they’ve mitigated GHG emissions and created 10 metric ...