26 Years Building Sustainable Futures by Reimagine Architects

By: Reimagine Architects

For over 26 years, Reimagine Architects has been creating joyful journeys toward regenerative architecture! Formerly known as Manasc Isaac Architects, their core mission during the past two and a half decades remains unchanged: to create healthy and beautiful spaces for people, in a way that treads lightly on the earth.

They live on the leading edge of sustainable design, and this has resulted in many green building “firsts” over the years: they have helped to found and lead the Canadian Green Building Council, and pioneered the Canadian LEED® system. They have also achieved:

– the 1st LEED® certified project in Alberta
– the 1st LEED® Silver project in Alberta
– the 1st LEED® Gold north of the 60th parallel
– the 1st LEED® Platinum commercial building in Alberta
– the 1st net-zero commercial building in Alberta

However: yesterday’s firsts are today’s baselines, and so, Reimagine’s eyes are always on the next steps toward further innovation in green building. They are targeting a net-zero energy future, ensuring that as many projects as possible are built net-zero, from housing to community and cultural facilities.

Learn more: https://reimagine.ca/about/history-mission