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Bill Wishart: A Lifetime of Contributing to Alberta’s Fish and Wildlife Management Community

Bill Wishart has dedicated over six decades to serving Alberta’s diverse communities and wildlife resources.

Throughout his career, Bill has been a steadfast advocate for Alberta’s fish and wildlife, contributing to the development of hunting licensing and allocation strategies for over 40 years. His work has benefited recreational, commercial, and Indigenous hunters alike, addressing issues such as disease and habitat loss while mentoring a diverse array of ...

New Myrnam School | Energy & Environmental Sustainability Projects in Action

New Myrnam School

For the past 6 years, New Myrnam school has undertaken a series of challenging projects that have not only educated their students and community but have had a lasting environmental impact.

Over the years the School has worked on numerous sustainability projects, including:

A Sustainable Greenhouse Project Designing Renewable Energy Systems Reducing New Myrnam School’s Footprint Though Community Collaboration ...

Aseniwuche Winewak Nation’s Caribou Patrol Program: 11 years of saving Alberta’s caribou

Aseniwuche Winewak Nation of Canada

The Caribou Patrol Program is led by the Aseniwuche Winewak Nation (AWN) and therefore must build unity in our community by working together to preserve our land, language, and culture. We do this by preventing caribou deaths on Highway 40 during migration seasons and education to raise awareness of the issue among drivers and the public.

The sacred and important knowledge from our Elders guides ...

LakeKeepers: Community Based Monitoring of Alberta’s Lakes

Alberta Lake Management Society

The Alberta Lake Management Society (ALMS) works to improve our understanding of lakes, reservoirs, and watersheds.

In 2018, ALMS developed the LakeKeepers program. Participants in the program are equipped and trained to collect water quality measurements and samples from their waterbody of choice. Participants are provided with a sampling kit which includes a water quality probe, sample bottles, safety gear, and a filtration kit. In ...

Revolutionizing Recycling with [Re] Waste: Transforming Waste Management for a Sustainable Future

[Re] Waste

[Re] Waste is here to change the way companies handle their plastic waste and reduce how much plastic ends up in landfills and our environment. They do more than just recycle and reduce waste, they redirect plastic waste from landfills and create new, usable products from recycled plastic flakes!

In 2022 alone, [Re] Waste diverted over 160,000 lbs of waste from landfills. This included 10,000 lbs ...

Highfield Regenerative Farm: Growing an alternative food community on a foundation of healthy soil

Highfield Regenerative Farm

Highfield Regenerative Farm (HRF) is located on 15 acres in the heart of an industrial community in the city of Calgary.

In partnership with the Compost Council of Canada and the City of Calgary, the HRF is transforming under-utilized industrial land into a vibrant and productive urban farm through soil revitalization, food production and community programming. The HRF strives to create a ...

Dirk and Nanja of The Barrelman Inc.: 25 years of protecting land and water through local action that inspires

Dirk & Nanja Struck

For over 25 years Dirk and Nanja Struck of The Barrelman Inc have been converting food-grade barrels into high-quality rain barrels designed specifically to handle the fluctuating prairie climate.

The Barrelman Inc. started when Dirk Struck noticed food-grade plastic barrels from his work were going into the landfill after. In the 90s, when Dirk was working in the bakery, it was uncommon and expensive to recycle these ...

The City of Calgary’s Willow Plantation for Marginal Land Improvement and Carbon Capture

The City of Calgary

The City of Calgary’s biosolids demonstration project began in 2013 with a goal to assess the potential to improve Alberta’s arable land base through the beneficial reuse of biosolids recovered from leading-edge wastewater treatment processes. The City’s Wastewater Treatment Operational Performance Team worked closely with project consultant SYLVIS Environmental’s Biosolids Management Team and a private rural landowner to initiate two demonstration projects which involved land application of dewatered biosolids to ...

Ecoplast Solutions: Building Houses from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Ecoplast Solutions

Ecoplast manufactures building materials made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and uses the product to design and build high-performance dwellings. This revolutionary green building technology provides a sustainable solution that enables circular economics in the highly wasteful construction industry.

Depending on its size, one Ecoplast dwelling upcycles between 600,000 and 2 million plastic bottles and can be assembled in as little as three days on-site. Overall, Ecoplast ...