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The Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental Education

Initiated in 2016, the Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental Education (AYLEE) is a collaborative, inclusive program for students grades 7-12 that demonstrates leadership in environmental education and climate action.

AYLEE provides members with opportunities to connect with like-minded youth; learn about the environment and climate change; collaborate on projects that advance climate action and climate education, and take action within their schools to help build a more ...

Seeing is Believing: A Legacy of Providing EdTech for Sustainability to Alberta Students

Alberta Tomorrow Foundation

In 2003 Dr. Brad Stelfox and Matthew Carlson recognized the need for an educational tool to help Albertans understand the complexities of land use planning in Alberta. With limited resources and a booming economy and population, the need to create land-use plans that looked at the cumulative effects of our activities on the land and balanced our environmental and socio/economic needs led to the first free, online educational land-use ...

We Care About the Air You Breathe

Calgary Region Airshed Zone

Air quality monitoring has only been available to large cities with a population of over 30,000 people.  However, the cost of the stations are over $250,000 for set-up and another $72,000/year for operating costs.  In the Calgary region, only 4 stations have been able to operate.  Now with the Portable Air Monitoring Laboratory (PAML) program (2018-2022) and the Purple Air Program, CRAZ is able to offer air monitoring bringing ...

Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation; 10 Years of Grassland Education

Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation

In 2011, Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation and Alberta Parks officially opened Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park to the public.  Glenbow Ranch protects 3200 acres of native fescue grasslands and is an active cattle ranch. The Park is home to creatures big and small from moose to bumblebees, and spans 10 kms of the Bow River. 

For 10 years, they have worked tirelessly to educate visitors, young and old, ...

Pat Letizia

Pat Letizia has worked with Alberta Ecotrust Foundation for 25 of its 30 year history and led the organization as Executive Director and CEO for over 20 of those years.

In the past 25 years, she has had many achievements as a leader, partnership broker and advocate for Alberta’s environmental nonprofit sector including:

Leading environmental grant programs that have disbursed over $11M to 734 environmental projects ...

Vermilion River Watershed Restoration and Enhancement Project

Vermilion River Watershed Alliance

In the spirit of shared environmental goals and collaboration, the Vermilion River Watershed Alliance (VRWA) worked with local, agricultural landowners, municipalities, and students to enhance and restore over 20 kilometres of riparian areas along the Vermilion River, creeks, and tributaries and 157 hectares of wetlands within the Vermilion River Watershed. In partnership with the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance, and through grant funding from the Alberta Government and Environment and ...

Lacombe Composite High School’s “EcoVision”

5 time winner of A+ for Energy Award 

Caring for the Watershed Contest 2014 1st Place Winners for Aquaponics Food System &  2016 2nd Place Winners for the Lacombe Irrigation Foods Experiment(LIFE)

Emerald Ron Kruhlak Award in 2017 for Bee Wise project

2018 Canadian Green Building Council Greenest School in Canada

2019 teacher won PM’s Award for Excellence in Teaching


Styro-Go Foam Recycling

Styro-Go Canada Inc.

Styro-Go recycles polystyrene onsite for clients. There is virtually no other option for polystyrene recycling in Alberta for both residential and Industrial/Commercial producers. Styro-Go processes polystyrene waste- a generally single-use, hard to recycle plastic from residential sources as well as furniture & appliance, technology, pharmaceutical, and even forestry companies across Alberta. Styro-Go’s efforts are reducing waste and extending the life of landfills across Alberta.


Lives With Less Plastic – Jade Janzen

In Grade 7, Jade completed a Social Studies plastic. The amount of single use plastic that is used by individuals in Canada bothered her and she wanted to do something about it. 

She began talking to businesses,  councillors and the mayor of Cochrane,  and  gave  a presentation to Town Council asking them to ban single use plastic bags and straws. Shortly after that, the Federal government announced ...