Goodwill Industries of Alberta’s Repair for Good Program

By: Goodwill Industries of Alberta

Goodwill Industries of Alberta is dedicated to fostering sustainability while advancing its core mission of providing employment and job training services to individuals with disabilities or barriers.

Through initiatives like their Repair for Good program, Goodwill serves Albertans with disabilities in Edmonton and Calgary, providing employment and volunteer opportunities while championing sustainability. Repair for Good upcycles and refurbishes donated furniture, diverting over 25,000 kg from landfills since 2021, with over 8300 kg diverted in 2023 alone. This program not only reduces environmental impact but also generates funds for their programs that drive their mission forward.

By focusing on a circular economy and employment for Albertans with disabilities, Repair for Good exemplifies Goodwill’s commitment to both social and environmental responsibility. The program not only provides employment opportunities but also imparts valuable workplace skills, benefiting individuals with disabilities who often face barriers to employment.

Moreover, Repair for Good addresses a significant community need by providing a solution for furniture disposal beyond landfills. Through marketing efforts, Goodwill encourages citizens to donate furniture to Goodwill instead of discarding it, promoting a culture of upcycling and responsible consumption.