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Forest industry collaboration cultivates sustainability around vital wetland ecosystems

Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC), Alberta Pacific Forest Industries Inc., Canfor, the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC), Tolko Industries Ltd., West Fraser, and Weyerhaeuser Company

Wetlands are prominent features in forests and are often part of interconnected systems that link all forest ecosystems. Alberta’s wetlands help maintain forest productivity (water/ nutrient flow) and provide numerous ecosystem services that benefit the forest industry and society. The Forest Management Wetland Stewardship Initiative’s (FMWSI) mission is to advance wetland stewardship in the boreal forest through sustainable forest management. Working together since 2017, the initiative takes an innovative ...

Edmonton River Valley Conservation Coalition: Working Together to Protect the North Saskatchewan River Valley

Edmonton River Valley Conservation Coalition

The Edmonton River Valley Conservation Coalition (ERVCC) supports the conservation and restoration of Edmonton’s North Saskatchewan River valley and ravine system through a systems-level focus on biodiversity, the ecological integrity of the corridor, and history. This philosophy reflects the river valley bylaw, which states its first goal: “to ensure the preservation of the natural character and environment of the North Saskatchewan River Valley and its Ravine System.”


Strathmore High School Community Greenhouse

Strathmore High School

The SHS Community Greenhouse is a public space that is rich in learning opportunities around nutrition, soil health, renewable energy, composting, and agriculture among others.  This space was designed and built by Strathmore High School students and staff beginning in the fall of 2021 in collaboration with community members.

SHS staff and students wanted to redesign how public spaces are utilized.  The SHS Community Greenhouse operates off-grid, ...

Monica Figueroa: Edmonton youth climate activist

Edmonton Youth For Climate

EYFC is a grassroots youth organization whose mission is to educate, engage, and empower all people in the Edmonton area to take action on climate change. They have organized over 10 student climate strikes in the City of Edmonton and engaged with the municipal government to legislate and fund Edmonton’s Energy Transition Strategy. Monica Figueroa has been a leader in Edmonton Youth For Climate (EYFC) for over 4 years ...

New Myrnam School | Energy & Environmental Sustainability Projects in Action

New Myrnam School

For the past 6 years, New Myrnam school has undertaken a series of challenging projects that have not only educated their students and community but have had a lasting environmental impact.

Over the years the School has worked on numerous sustainability projects, including:

A Sustainable Greenhouse Project Designing Renewable Energy Systems Reducing New Myrnam School’s Footprint Though Community Collaboration ...

The Edmonton Urban Coyote Project: Collaborative Research and Education for Coexistence with Wildlife

University of Alberta

The Edmonton Urban Coyote Project began in 2009 and is based in the lab of Dr. Colleen Cassady St. Clair at the University of Alberta. It addresses rising reports by people of conflict with coyotes that are occurring in Edmonton and other cities across North America. Colleen and her students work collaboratively with the City of Edmonton and Animal Damage Control to research both causes of and solutions for ...

Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society – Sikome Beaver Coexistence Project.

Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society

The Fish Creek Beaver Coexistence Project is aimed at balancing beaver and human needs throughout the park, and challenging negative perceptions about beavers. Coexistence devices, also known as pond levellers, and culvert exclusion fencing have been installed in some areas where current beaver activity is creating problems for visitors and for land managers responsible for pathways and stormwater ponds.

This project acknowledges that the visitor experience in ...

Aseniwuche Winewak Nation’s Caribou Patrol Program: 11 years of saving Alberta’s caribou

Aseniwuche Winewak Nation of Canada

The Caribou Patrol Program is led by the Aseniwuche Winewak Nation (AWN) and therefore must build unity in our community by working together to preserve our land, language, and culture. We do this by preventing caribou deaths on Highway 40 during migration seasons and education to raise awareness of the issue among drivers and the public.

The sacred and important knowledge from our Elders guides ...

Safe water and water sustainability in Alberta

University of Calgary

Pristine water supplies are being threatened by population growth, climate change, and increasing water demands by economic activities. Dr. Kimura-Hara’s research helps to develop, apply, and share cutting-edge science to continue to provide safe water and address the growing concern of water sustainability for future generations.

Dr. Kimura-Hara’s research contributes to the future of Canadian water sustainability through the integration of chemical and toxicological analysis to evaluate ...

LakeKeepers: Community Based Monitoring of Alberta’s Lakes

Alberta Lake Management Society

The Alberta Lake Management Society (ALMS) works to improve our understanding of lakes, reservoirs, and watersheds.

In 2018, ALMS developed the LakeKeepers program. Participants in the program are equipped and trained to collect water quality measurements and samples from their waterbody of choice. Participants are provided with a sampling kit which includes a water quality probe, sample bottles, safety gear, and a filtration kit. In ...