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Microgreens Club – A Zero Waste Initiative

Micro YYC

Micro YYC is an urban indoor microgreens farm that provides microgreens to local markets, grocers, and restaurants. Their latest initiative: The Microgreens Club, is an entirely zero-waste service that delivers microgreens directly to customers in reusable containers. Containers are returned each week, sanitized, and reused indefinitely.

In the world of packaging, a reuse model – as a part of a circular economy – is the only model ...

Earth Warrior

Earth Warrior strives to live in harmony with the planet. By repurposing textile waste into new, sustainable items, they’re taking steps towards a more sustainable future, every single day.

In their repurposing process, Earth Warrior takes post-consumer textiles (used clothing, curtains, bedding, etc.), as well as post-manufacturing textiles (fabric roll ends and fabric scraps), and sorts, sanitizes and recreates them into new lifestyle products.

Since ...

Revolutionizing Recycling with [Re] Waste: Transforming Waste Management for a Sustainable Future

[Re] Waste

[Re] Waste is here to change the way companies handle their plastic waste and reduce how much plastic ends up in landfills and our environment. They do more than just recycle and reduce waste, they redirect plastic waste from landfills and create new, usable products from recycled plastic flakes!

In 2022 alone, [Re] Waste diverted over 160,000 lbs of waste from landfills. This included 10,000 lbs ...

Highfield Regenerative Farm: Growing an alternative food community on a foundation of healthy soil

Highfield Regenerative Farm

Highfield Regenerative Farm (HRF) is located on 15 acres in the heart of an industrial community in the city of Calgary.

In partnership with the Compost Council of Canada and the City of Calgary, the HRF is transforming under-utilized industrial land into a vibrant and productive urban farm through soil revitalization, food production and community programming. The HRF strives to create a ...

Dirk and Nanja of The Barrelman Inc.: 25 years of protecting land and water through local action that inspires

Dirk & Nanja Struck

For over 25 years Dirk and Nanja Struck of The Barrelman Inc have been converting food-grade barrels into high-quality rain barrels designed specifically to handle the fluctuating prairie climate.

The Barrelman Inc. started when Dirk Struck noticed food-grade plastic barrels from his work were going into the landfill after. In the 90s, when Dirk was working in the bakery, it was uncommon and expensive to recycle these ...

Ledcor Highway Maintenance Yard Upgrades

Ledcor Highway Maintenance Limited

With sustainability as one of their core values, Ledcor is well aware of the associated risks when using salt and sand in their winter operations. That is why their Highway Maintenance team is working hard to reduce salt contamination and prevent the chronic increase of salt concentration, a known risk posed by highway maintenance operations across both Alberta and Canada as a whole.

Highway maintenance yards that ...

The City of Calgary’s Willow Plantation for Marginal Land Improvement and Carbon Capture

The City of Calgary

The City of Calgary’s biosolids demonstration project began in 2013 with a goal to assess the potential to improve Alberta’s arable land base through the beneficial reuse of biosolids recovered from leading-edge wastewater treatment processes. The City’s Wastewater Treatment Operational Performance Team worked closely with project consultant SYLVIS Environmental’s Biosolids Management Team and a private rural landowner to initiate two demonstration projects which involved land application of dewatered biosolids ...