Microgreens Club – A Zero Waste Initiative

By: Micro YYC

Micro YYC is an urban indoor microgreens farm that provides microgreens to local markets, grocers, and restaurants. Their latest initiative: The Microgreens Club, is an entirely zero-waste service that delivers microgreens directly to customers in reusable containers. Containers are returned each week, sanitized, and reused indefinitely.

In the world of packaging, a reuse model – as a part of a circular economy – is the only model that ensures a sustainable world for future generations. Whether single-use containers are recyclable or compostable, they are an incredible burden on our waste management systems and in turn, the environment. When all roads lead to waste – sometimes you have to try something new. This is where the Microgreens Club comes in – in the first 9 months of operation, this initiative is set to divert more than 4500 single-use containers.

Micro YYC wants to make a difference as a business by leading the way towards less waste, more efficiency, and innovations in the ways that we grow and distribute food. The Microgreens Club sets out to do just that – and is making eating “green” easier than ever.