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Explore Edmonton

Explore Edmonton epitomizes the essence of sustainable tourism development and community enrichment. With a mission to elevate Edmonton as a premier destination, their vision encompasses year-round transformational experiences for visitors while fostering economic prosperity and enhancing residents’ quality of life.

Aligned with their commitment to sustainability, Explore Edmonton has embarked on comprehensive initiatives to mitigate environmental impact. From achieving a nearly 70% waste diversion rate to implementing ...

Circular Rubber Technologies: Becoming the First Devulcanization Facility for End-of-Life Mining Tires in the World

Circular Rubber Technologies

Circular Rubber’s mission is to positively impact the world by converting rubber waste into value, again and again, to be used in new high-performance rubber products. Rooted in sustainability, their vision aims for the infinite reuse of the world’s rubber, striving towards a circular future where rubber is continuously repurposed, contributing to a regenerative environment.

Circular Rubber offers services in devulcanizing end-of-life industrial tires, creating a devulcanized rubber ...

Sustainable Projects Group

Celebrating 10 years in the energy efficiency industry, Sustainable Projects Group (SPG) is a leading design-build company committed to revolutionizing the built environment by providing actionable solutions for decarbonization. Their mission is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by empowering building owners with the tools and data required to achieve sustainability. SPG operates with a holistic approach, aiming to reduce energy consumption, minimize greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and lower ...

Envirotech Geothermal – Alberta’s smartest way to Net Zero!

The #1 way to achieve Net Zero is by omitting the use of fossil fuels in buildings.

Since 2006, Envirotech Geothermal has provided renewable heating and cooling solutions to all Albertans. Since then, Envirotech has grown to become one of the most experienced and highest voluming installers in the Province, and #2 Geosmart dealer in all of Canada!

Envirotech Geothermal specializes in ground-source energy systems ...

Eco-Flex Recycled Rubber Solutions

Eco-Flex uses recycled tires and creates products that will last for decades. These products can be used around the house, in the automotive industry, in the oil and gas industry and for municipalities and schools looking for a more sustainable solution. Eco-Flex reduces the number of tires going to waste or laying in stockpiles and has found a way to use a scrap material in a valuable manner for ...

26 Years Building Sustainable Futures by Reimagine Architects

Reimagine Architects

For over 26 years, Reimagine Architects has been creating joyful journeys toward regenerative architecture! Formerly known as Manasc Isaac Architects, their core mission during the past two and a half decades remains unchanged: to create healthy and beautiful spaces for people, in a way that treads lightly on the earth.

They live on the leading edge of sustainable design, and this has resulted in many green building ...

Zeno Renewables Inc.

What does a better world look like? That’s a question we ask ourselves every day, and it’s one we spend a lot of time thinking about. To us, a better world is one where sustainability is embedded within every facet of our society. Where the barrier to renewable energy is so low that adopting solar is a no-brainer for everyone. In the midst of a global climate crisis, the ...

SunnyCider: UpCycling Organic Waste

SunnyCider utilizes wasted fruit and upcycles them into consumable beverages of cider, spirits, and vinegars. They work with a network of donors that collect and deliver the fruit which they convert primarily into apple cider.

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Future Ancestors Services Inc.

Future Ancestors Services is an Indigenous and Black-owned, youth-led professional services social enterprise that advances climate justice and systemic barrier removal with lenses of anti-racism and ancestral accountability. Through an intergenerational team of professionals and advisors, this Alberta-based enterprise provides speaking, training, research, consulting, and social media services internationally. While centering decolonized and Indigenized practices, they support their clients and community in addressing systemic issues that disadvantage groups of ...

YYC Growers and Distributors

YYC Growers is a social enterprise working to distribute wealth in the area of food production and distribution. They are dedicated to pioneering new ways of working and organizing to create healthy, local food systems.

YYC Growers as a farmer-owned cooperative provides Calgarians with a weekly subscription to a box of locally grown vegetables, either for pick-up at a nearby location or delivered right to their door. ...