Project Forest: Rewilding Canada, One Forest at a Time

By: Project Forest

Project Forest is rewilding Canada, one forest at a time. They are a nonprofit organization working in partnership with conservation groups, Indigenous communities and like-minded businesses to capture carbon naturally by transitioning non-productive agricultural land into forever forests. They’re passionate about creating positive change in our community by planting not just trees—but species-rich forests—that clean the air and water, increase wildlife habitat and provide opportunities for Canadians to enjoy these outdoor spaces.

Since 2020, Project Forest has:
– planted 244,249 seedlings
– rewilded 132 hectares of non-productive agricultural land
– planted 16 native species of trees and shrubs
They project 111,375 tonnes of carbon to be removed from the atmosphere over the lifetime of these forests.

In 2023, Project Forest will:
– plant over 300,000 seedlings
– rewild over 150 hectares
They project that these forests will sequester over 150,000 tonnes of carbon over their lifetimes.

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