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Solar Energy Society of Alberta

Alberta has an excellent solar resource and the Solar Energy Society of Alberta has created unique programs to help residents take advantage of it.  They strive to deliver the best solar education programs to usher in a clean energy future in Alberta.

Waste In Residence Program

Office of Sustainability, University of Alberta

UAlberta has a long tradition of providing recycling services going back to the 1970’s, long before the practise was mainstream. Recently they have refocused on enhancing the student experience in residences related to waste and since 2010, has diverted 11,600 of waste beyond their traditional recycling streams. This has been accomplished through commitment, shared responsibility, collaboration, and excellence.

Southern Rockies Watershed Project

Southern Rockies Watershed Project Team

The Southern Rockies Watershed Project is in its 10th year of watershed research and monitoring and focuses on climate, hydrology and stream ecosystem health.  Their research activities span 80 square kilometres and nine watersheds and represent the largest and longest running forest hydrology research projects in Alberta.  One judge said “to keep this going for ten years is remarkable.”

LakeWatch Program

Alberta Lake Management Society

For more than 25 years, this volunteer based community water-testing program has been engaging Albertans in the collection of scientific data from their local lake or reservoir and working to ensure that Alberta’s water resources will not be the limiting factor in the health of our environment.  The LakeWatch program is a critical component of Alberta’s Water for Life Strategy.