Preserving our lands; Preserving our Legacy

By: Edmonton and Area Land Trust

The Edmonton and Area Land Trust EALT is Alberta’s newest conservancy, conserving and stewarding land in the Edmonton region. Land conservation focuses inside a hundred kilometer radius of the city. In city regions, land is expensive, yet in less than five years, they have secured five properties totaling 1,000 acres of healthy ecosystems. This speaks to their capacity, as well as to the generous contributions of the citizens they serve. EALT must steward lands for generations to come, therefore their mission is as much to grow residents’ love for local habitats, as to lovingly conserve the actual land. They are doing both, through partnerships and outreach. As a small charity conserving land for the public and municipal good, they are able to act nimbly and will always serve to protect our land while learning and gaining a special sense of place.