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Microgreens Club – A Zero Waste Initiative

Micro YYC

Micro YYC is an urban indoor microgreens farm that provides microgreens to local markets, grocers, and restaurants. Their latest initiative: The Microgreens Club, is an entirely zero-waste service that delivers microgreens directly to customers in reusable containers. Containers are returned each week, sanitized, and reused indefinitely.

In the world of packaging, a reuse model – as a part of a circular economy – is the only model ...

Earth Warrior

Earth Warrior strives to live in harmony with the planet. By repurposing textile waste into new, sustainable items, they’re taking steps towards a more sustainable future, every single day.

In their repurposing process, Earth Warrior takes post-consumer textiles (used clothing, curtains, bedding, etc.), as well as post-manufacturing textiles (fabric roll ends and fabric scraps), and sorts, sanitizes and recreates them into new lifestyle products.

Since ...

Ledcor Highway Maintenance Yard Upgrades

Ledcor Highway Maintenance Limited

With sustainability as one of their core values, Ledcor is well aware of the associated risks when using salt and sand in their winter operations. That is why their Highway Maintenance team is working hard to reduce salt contamination and prevent the chronic increase of salt concentration, a known risk posed by highway maintenance operations across both Alberta and Canada as a whole.

Highway maintenance yards that ...

SSRIA: Transforming the AEC Industry Towards a Net Zero Built Environment

Smart Sustainable Resilient Infrastructure Association

SSRIA is a non-profit association who is taking a collaborative and industry-led approach to accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions that reduce carbon in the built environment. They are actioning their mission through demonstration projects, business growth services, and sharing the latest expertise in innovative low carbon building technologies, products, and practices.  To date SSRIA has supported 20 residential and commercial infrastructure projects that demonstrate low carbon design techniques, ...

Solar Aquatic Systems Wastewater Treatment

Brazeau County

Brazeau County Council actively seeks innovative ways of treating wastewater in an environmentally friendly process. The goal of the Solar Aquatic Systems (SAS) Wastewater Treatment project was to treat wastewater to a high quality while keeping the facility footprint small and using green technology. The facility is 2000 square feet and is designed to treat 88m3 of raw wastewater per day. This uses the principles of agricultural practices to ...

Environmental Achievements of the City of St. Albert

City of St. Albert

The City of St. Albert has been committed to reducing the community’s carbon footprint, becoming more resilient to the effects of climate change, and becoming a more sustainable city. The City of St. Albert has been accomplishing this in the following ways:

The Clean Energy Improvement Program has committed $5,017,400 in funding for residents to more easily fund energy efficiency retrofits and sustainable energy installations for their homes. ...

Violet Grove’s Constructed Floating Wetlands System with Aeration

Brazeau County

The Constructed Floating Wetlands (CFW) system uses natural wetland plants and oxygen provided by a solar powered aeration system to treat domestic wastewater. As the treated wastewater is inevitably discharged into the nearby creak, this system substantially improves the wastewater quality which proceeds to make the receiving stream safer for use by humans as well as animals. The Solar System attached to this lagoon provides power to the aeration ...

Metis Nation of Alberta Climate Change Action Plan

Metis Nation of Alberta

The MNA Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) was developed following the Annual General Assembly (AGA) in 2017, where it was unanimously resolved to fully support and direct the MNA in “[…] designing and undertaking climate change initiatives and programs, including actions aimed at reducing GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions, increasing Métis involvement and awareness of climate change while creating capacity and economic opportunities for Métis citizens.” In response, the MNA ...