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Seeing is Believing: A Legacy of Providing EdTech for Sustainability to Alberta Students

Alberta Tomorrow Foundation

In 2003 Dr. Brad Stelfox and Matthew Carlson recognized the need for an educational tool to help Albertans understand the complexities of land use planning in Alberta. With limited resources and a booming economy and population, the need to create land-use plans that looked at the cumulative effects of our activities on the land and balanced our environmental and socio/economic needs led to the first free, online educational land-use ...

Evergreen Theatre Society

The Evergreen Theatre Society (ETS) proudly offers curriculum-based musical theatre touring shows and artist-in-residency programs.

ETS performs a 50-minute signature show with 2 professional actors in schools. Their theatrical performances engage children from Grades K-6, with opportunities for students to perform in the show. All shows feature curriculum-based scripts, exciting sets, props, and costumes – and popular music based on hits that kids and teachers love. All ...

Future Energy Systems

Future Energy Systems (FES) is a research program at the University of Alberta funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund. Their mission is to enable a brighter future for energy, in Canada, and around the world, supporting the energy transition towards a sustainable, economically viable, and just system where energy and environment exist in harmony and the needs of people and communities are met without strife.


Evergreen Theatre Society

Flagship programs:

Artist-in-Residency – Professional artists work with schools for 1-2 weeks to teach drama, script-writing and performance skills in conjunction with science/environmental themes. Students perform an “eco-palooza” showcase with each class presenting an original “mini-play” based on science and stewardship concepts.  Touring Shows – 50-minute signature science/environment themed show featuring 2 professional actors performed in school gyms.  All shows incorporate catchy music, curriculum-based scripts, exciting sets, props, ...

Lacombe Composite High School’s “EcoVision”

5 time winner of A+ for Energy Award 

Caring for the Watershed Contest 2014 1st Place Winners for Aquaponics Food System &  2016 2nd Place Winners for the Lacombe Irrigation Foods Experiment(LIFE)

Emerald Ron Kruhlak Award in 2017 for Bee Wise project

2018 Canadian Green Building Council Greenest School in Canada

2019 teacher won PM’s Award for Excellence in Teaching


Vincent Massey Jr. High School’s “Building a Community”

For the past 4 years, Vincent Massey Junior High has partnered with Morley Community School to do an outreach project bringing together the two communities.

They have had students taking part in recognition of land ceremonies,  youth leadership opportunities (teambuilding, environmental stewardship, work with elders) in the hopes of fostering a future together that can truly be meaningful, powerful and relevant to their future.

With ...

The People for Energy & Environmental Literacy (PEEL) Program

Westmount Charter School

Forty-two Grade 4 students from Westmount Charter School, their two teachers and one highly-committed parent volunteer created PEEL, a literacy program that empowers students to understand the environmental, social and economic challenges and opportunities around energy consumption, climate change and sustainability. With the support of over 25 energy-sector organizations, PEEL has inspired students and parents to evaluate their energy usage through environmental initiatives such as an EcoFair, weekly nature field ...

Warriors of the Rainbow

Clandonald School

According to Cree legend, “Leaders will be those whose actions speak the loudest; the ones that have demonstrated wisdom and courage and have proven that they work for the benefit of all.” Adopting this philosophy, Clandonald School created Warriors of the Rainbow, a clan of environmental stewards dedicated to the preservation and beautification of the natural world. For the past 12 years, the Warriors of the Rainbow have established a ...

Green Commuting Hubs

Captain Nichola Goddard School

Many schools in Alberta are challenged with vehicle congestion and idling around school drop-off and pick-up points. A student-leadership group at Captain Nichola Goddard School found a solution to this environmental and safety risk. The Green Commuting Hubs program invites students to meet in various established hubs and, accompanied by a Grade 9 hub leader, walk to school together. The initiative improves air quality and reduces the school’s eco-footprint, while ...