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The 5 Keys to Exceptional Land Acknowledgements

Tips For Bringing Your Live Event Online
Gregory Caswell, AEF Executive Director

I eat PUBLIC SPEAKING for Breakfast!
Gregory Caswell, AEF Executive Director

Speaking in Public: Lessons from an Improvisor
Julian Faid, Rapid Fire Theatre

alberta narratives project

Finding the language that brings us together so we can start a new conversation about climate change and energy in Alberta.

The Alberta Narratives Project (ANP) is a community-based initiative and new approach to public engagement research that builds skills and better communications. It aims to uncover language and narratives that reflect the values and identities of Albertans, and to find ways of talking about our energy-climate future that build bridges to better community conversation.

More than 75 individuals and organizations hosted 55 Narrative Workshops around Alberta, making this one of the largest public engagements of its kind. They spoke with a broad spectrum of people including farmers, oil sands workers, energy leaders, senior business people, youth, environmental activists, New Canadians and many more.

With their permission, we’re pleased to share their Communication Tools below. Or visit the Alberta Narrative Project website here.

Summary Chart
A summary chart of the key findings from all 7 sub-narratives. This is a comprehensive tool, including the do’s and don’ts, key words to use, and core values.

2-Page Summary
A guide of how to have conversations about climate and energy in Alberta, including core messages and key audiences.

4-Page Summary
An overview of ANP findings highlighting the key do’s and don’ts of Reports I and II.

Narrative Slides
A slide for each of the 7 sub-narratives with key takeaways on engaging with these demographics.

emerald awards

Emerald Awards: What they are and how to nominate (Part 1)

Emerald Awards: What they are and how to nominate (Part 2)
Gregory Caswell, AEF Executive Director

Tips for an Effective Emerald Award Nomination
Trina Innes, Municipal Climate Change Action Centre

Judging from a Judges Perspective
Ryan Smith, Shell Canada Ltd.


15 Tips to Up Your Web Copy Game
Gregory Caswell, AEF Executive Director

The Art of Persuasion: From Aristotle to Jedi Mind Technique
Gregory Caswell, AEF Executive Director

Grant Writing For Nonprofit Organizations
Lauren Calleja, AEF Community Engagement & Development Coordinator

Need permission to procrastinate? Here you go.
Gregory Caswell, AEF Executive Director

Just Ask! The Importance of Community Consultation
Gregory Caswell, AEF Executive Director

How to Write a Press Release
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