How to Improve Your Instagram Business Account

Written by: Kaden Ave Communications / / @kadenavecomms

  1. Change your Instagram account to a business account
  2. Clean up your bio to make it concise & catchy – use emojis!
  3. Calls to action – are your buttons leading to where you want your customers to be?
  4. Clean up your grid using the archive function. Get rid of anything that doesn’t match your brand or is low quality
  5. Map out your story – what do you want to tell your customers/potential customers about you and your skills? Use that as a storyboard to tell people about what you do
  6. Create story highlights based on the stories you want to tell your customers. Highlight “evergreen” content that will be relevant for a long time
  7. Use Instagram reels to tell short stories – max of 15 seconds!
  8. Host longer videos (1-10 minutes on your IGTV)
  9. Develop your aesthetic – what does your ideal grid look like? Are you showing off your brand colours and imagery?
  10. Use natural lighting & a variety of photo angles
  11. Find your brand’s voice and review your captions to match it
  12. Reduce clutter in your captions – unless you’re a super strong writer, get to the point!
  13. Develop a hashtag cloud that uses the best hashtags for your service/product/location
  14. Check your analytics – what is the data telling you? What do people like to see? What are they responding to?
  15. Boost a post that has done well organically
  16. Engage with your audience! Keep it social
  17. Deal with negative comments – don’t delete or ignore them. Try to take the issue offline – offer to call them on the phone
  18. Share posts from your community and clients

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