Past Webinars

Missed one of our Tell Your Story webinars? No problem – you can catch them all here!

Creating Climate Language That Brings Us Together

This webinar hosted by Laura Hughes, Senior analyst with the Pembina Institute, will help you discover, understand and implement language around climate and energy in Alberta that is depolarizing, inclusive and non-combative.

“The Social Media Rage Machine”: What To Do if Your Business Attracts Negative Attention Online

Nobody’s perfect, and word spreads fast on social media. Businesses can – and often do – find themselves at the receiving end of negative attention online. There are ways to conduct yourself to smooth out the situation. Avery Johnson from Kaden Ave Communications discusses what to do if this happens to you.

Naheyawin: Practical, Sustainable, and Indigenous Solutions

Spend time with Naheyawin’s Director of Hunter Cardinal to learn more about how they are helping provide Indigenous-based solutions for the improvement of diversity and inclusion in organizations and communities across Turtle Island. In this session, you’ll learn how a storytelling and education approach informed by a treaty lens can support your unique goals.

Need help writing a meaningful and authentic land acknowledgement for your next event? Check out this awesome blog post written by Hunter!

Marketing Soup: The Ingredients Every Brand Needs to Grow

Are you a non-profit or small business that wants to learn why investing in brand matters, how to land media coverage, and how to harness social media for sales? Then this webinar is for you! Listen to veteran marketer Janis Galloway share real Alberta case studies on how branding, PR, and digital advertising work together to grow your business and open up endless opportunities.

Need help writing a press release? Check out this press release template that Press & Post has given to us to share with you!


We’ve all seen the inspiring viral TED Talk videos online. Many of us dream about capturing the imagination of an audience, while others are tasked with presenting on a smaller scale. No matter the venue, public speaking is not as easy as it looks. Truly, it’s an art form to be mastered. But where to begin?

In preparation for our second season of the Emerald Speakers Series, we’re offering a crash course in public speaking. Join Rapid Fire Theatre alumni and last year’s Emerald Awards host Julian Faid and Executive Director Gregory Caswell for the tips and tricks needed to nail your presentation.

Alberta Emerald Foundation’s Gregory Caswell shares his experiences as a theatre artist and how they relate to his discoveries from TED’s Guide to Public Speaking.

Join Julian Faid of Rapid Fire Theatre as he shares advice on public speaking from his 20 year career as an improvisor.


Writing an Emerald Award nomination, or telling your story to a panel, can be intimidating. Wouldn’t it be great to find out what the judges are considering before you hit submit? As the Emerald Awards Nominations Deadline approaches, we’ve asked two of our most experienced judges to answer that question, as well as to provide advice on how to make your nomination stand out.

Not submitting a nomination this year? No problem! This webinar may also be beneficial to grant writers or anyone who has to write about their organization’s work for a review panel.

Alberta Emerald Foundation Executive Director Gregory Caswell walks you through the Emerald Award nomination process.

Alberta Emerald Foundation Executive Director Gregory Caswell walks you through the 30th Annual Emerald Awards nomination form.


Join multi Emerald Award-winning Trina Innes, Executive Director of the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre, as she walks you through how she crafts an attention-catching nomination.

Ryan Smith, one of our most experienced Emerald Award judges, gives insight on the judging process and what he looks for in a winner.

Becoming a podcast pro

Podcasting has become a highly popular and increasingly accessible form of communication. But as avid podcast fans will know, some are great, and others, well, kind of miss the mark. On October 14, 2020, the AEF held Becoming a Podcast Pro, which featured 29th Annual Emerald Awards finalists Chris Chang-Yen Phillips & Trevor Chow-Fraser (Let’s Find Out) and Derek Leahy (Rural Routes to Climate Solutions), plus Alberta-based blogger Linda Hoang (Don’t Call Me a Guru/Here’s What I Think) and our very own What On EARTH Can We Do? co-host Colleen Nuc.

Chris Chang-Yen Phillips & Trevor Chow-Fraser (Let’s Find Out)