Road Watch in the Pass

By: Led by Rob & Loretta Schaufele

Road Watch in the Pass (RW) is a successful “cutting edge” citizen science project located in the Crowsnest Pass (CNP) of southern Alberta that has diligently endeavored to protect the diverse wildlife species in this area of the Rocky Mountains. Highway 3 (HWY 3) has a negative impact on wildlife by restricting their movements, reducing wildlife connectivity and increasing wildlife mortality from wildlife-vehicle collisions (WVC’s). Additionally, RW strives to increase safety for people because WVC’s pose a major safety issue. RW tenaciously works towards mitigating WVC’s and restoring wildlife connectivity by: providing public education regarding road ecology; facilitating community and public advocacy to implement effective wildlife crossing methods on HWY 3; using local knowledge, gathering and studying data and educating the public and decision makers about HWY 3 wildlife crossing issues and mitigation strategies; and providing an educational forum for connecting road ecologists, local citizen scientists, residents, academics, conservationists and the general public.