Afforestation Project

By: The Carbon Farmer

The Carbon Farmer Inc. is a grass roots agricultural business that addresses climate change, creates habitat and helps sustain the family farm through its “Carbon Farming Project” that began in 2007. The business concept is to plant native trees, shrubs and grasses and create forests that sequester carbon and help offset emissions while at the same time creating long term habitat for wildlife and providing a sustainable business model for the family farm. To date they have planted more than 300,000 trees in Alberta (180,000 trees on their family’s farm and more than 120,000 on conserved land owned by municipalities and land trusts across the province). In 2013, they plan to plant another 330,000 trees bringing their total trees planted to over 630,000 by the end of 2013. This equates to the reduction of about 126,000 tonnes of carbon (equivalent to the annual carbon footprint of about 25,000 Albertans) and approximately 750 acres of new or restored forest habitat for wildlife.