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Alana Tollenaar

Backyard Birds Nature Shop

Driven by her remarkable passion for the environment and community, Alana Tollenaar, at the age of 21, opened Backyard Birds Nature Shop in 2021. Her shop aims to foster a deep connection between people and nature through high-quality bird-feeding products, nature-inspired gifts, and community-based activities. Founded with the vision of creating a vibrant community where individuals of all backgrounds can explore, learn, and appreciate the beauty of nature, the ...

David Owen Trew, Lifetime Achievement in Water Resource Management

Dave Trew has recently retired after a 50-year career as a water scientist, including 44 years in Alberta as a government scientist and as the executive director of the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance. Over the course of his time in Alberta, Dave led or participated in numerous important studies and initiatives to protect lakes, rivers, and wetlands in Alberta, along with the species they are home to. Dave’s bibliography includes ...

Working Well

Alberta Environment & Parks

Environment and Parks Working Well, Spruce GroveFor 10 years, Working Well has been educating some of the estimated 100,000 Alberta households that rely on water wells for drinking water about well design and construction, operation, protection and maintenance. From farmers and ranchers to acreage and recreational property owners, Working Well’s efforts insure that rural Albertans who rely on groundwater have a safe and secure supply.

Through a series of hands-on workshops, technical experts ...