Alana Tollenaar

By: Backyard Birds Nature Shop

Driven by her remarkable passion for the environment and community, Alana Tollenaar, at the age of 21, opened Backyard Birds Nature Shop in 2021. Her shop aims to foster a deep connection between people and nature through high-quality bird-feeding products, nature-inspired gifts, and community-based activities. Founded with the vision of creating a vibrant community where individuals of all backgrounds can explore, learn, and appreciate the beauty of nature, the shop serves Edmonton, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Parkland County, and surrounding areas.

Backyard Birds actively promotes the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity conservation. Through educational initiatives like guided nature walks, workshops, and presentations, Alana highlights the interconnectedness between human activities and ecosystem health, advocating for sustainable practices.

Moreover, Backyard Birds fulfills an unmet need for accessible environmental education, serving as a gateway for individuals to explore and appreciate the wonders of the natural world. By offering locally sourced products and encouraging customers to create bird-friendly habitats, the shop enhances urban biodiversity and supports wildlife conservation efforts.

Alana’s impact extends to future generations through her work with youth. Through educational workshops, drop-in sessions, and guided nature tours, she empowers children and young adults to explore, be curious, and become stewards of the environment. By instilling a love for nature in younger generations, Alana ensures a sustainable future where ecosystems are valued and enjoyed for generations to come.