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Blenderz Garment Recyclers Inc

Blenderz Garment Recyclers reclaims and recycles textiles that are deemed unsellable by thrift stores, charities, the general public, and businesses. Blenderz uses a zero-waste, no landfill approach through a mixture of solutions that keep these textiles from the traditionally linear supply chain stream and recycles them in a closed-loop system.

In nine months Blenderz has reclaimed and upcycled, 81.35 tons of textile waste from the local ...

Riparian Web Portal

North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance

Riparian Web Portal is an exciting new project created by Alberta’s watershed community. Officially launched in 2021, this online space is designed to encourage Albertans to conserve and improve riparian health today for a better tomorrow.

The Riparian Web Portal:

1) provides access to riparian data and summary tools,

2) shares examples of on-the-ground restoration and conservation projects, and

3) ...

A Very Visual Field Guide for Wetland Classification in Alberta

Ducks Unlimited Canada

The Alberta Wetland Classification System Field Guide provides wetland information clearly and logically, for users to navigate while assessing a wetland in the field. The introductory content of the guide exposes users to wetland functions, values, and classification concepts like the five main wetland classes in Alberta (bog, fen, swamp, marsh, shallow open water). The guide then walks users through wetland classification with:

1. 24 detailed fact ...

Edmonton Urban Farm is growing!

Explore Edmonton

Since 2014, the Edmonton Urban Farm (EUF) has helped make Edmonton a greener, more sustainable city in several ways.

1) It has transformed 2 acres of excess urban land (abandoned, strewn with garbage and invasive weeds) into a productive space providing 300 plus people and their families with nutritious, locally grown food. This reduces the city’s carbon footprint AND it serves as a model to other ...

West Ritchie Community Gardens

West Ritchie Community Gardens (WRCG) is a youth-led project to transform neglected land in Ritchie into a vibrant community space. This garden has created a community gathering space, with picnic tables, community art, and native edible landscaping. The WRCG also has garden boxes, water barrels, and composters to support local growing and better organics management. In addition to this, they also host events in the space, such as ...

Steve McIsaac

Steve’s career began in 1992 as the first full-time educator at Inside Education (then FEESA). With his background as a social studies teacher, Steve ensures a balanced approach to exploring environmental issues and sustainability. The legacy, consistency, and opportunities that Inside Education provides as an organization are directly attributed to Steve’s leadership.

In addition to co-leading Alberta’s first climate change education program, 1992’s Atmospheric Change Teacher’s ...

The Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental Education

Initiated in 2016, the Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental Education (AYLEE) is a collaborative, inclusive program for students grades 7-12 that demonstrates leadership in environmental education and climate action.

AYLEE provides members with opportunities to connect with like-minded youth; learn about the environment and climate change; collaborate on projects that advance climate action and climate education, and take action within their schools to help build a ...

Future Energy Systems

Future Energy Systems (FES) is a research program at the University of Alberta funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund. Their mission is to enable a brighter future for energy, in Canada, and around the world, supporting the energy transition towards a sustainable, economically viable, and just system where energy and environment exist in harmony and the needs of people and communities are met without strife.


Community-Based Air Quality Monitoring

Alberta Capital Airshed

Alberta Capital Airshed (ACA) empowers local residents and organizations to be citizen scientists by hosting ACA air quality monitors. The data captured tells a story of neighbourhood air quality which can be compared with other locales, contribute to our regional air data analyses, and connect with our school education and community outreach programs. This network within Metro Edmonton is currently at 36 locations and quickly growing!

visit ...